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How was Christmas? I hope you had a good festive break. I hesitate to use the word ‘holiday’, on the grounds that the rush up the the big day, seems anything but. With all the present buying, wrapping, food prep and visits; I’m glad of the down time period between then and New Years. Not that we get up to much at New Year’s. In days of old, the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I would go to an alt rock club in town, but that must be nearly 20 years ago now. I’m 40+ and I’m not careful, my waist will soon match my age. 🙂 So year, I’m quite happy to stay at home, get the kids tucked up in bed and then retire for the evening with either a good book or a boxed set. Luckily, Xmas is good in that regard.

The Ever Lovely Mrs J was very happy with her gifts, as were Wee Man and Little Miss. Amongst the t-shirts, chocolates and boxed sets, Mrs J was kind enough to buy me some new earrings. Certainly not work suitable 😉 In a nice stroke of luck, when I took one her jumpers back, the shop let me swap it and – as the item was now on sale – they put the different on a voucher for me. Yay for good customer service!

This being the end of the year, thoughts run over what’s gone before and maybe, what may come around this new year. I’m not one for resolutions, although this year, having been away (and eaten well) and then having had a very good Christmas (and eaten well, again), I think I will need to start doing more exercise and eating more healthily. Partly because it’s good for me, but also because I don’t like being as wide/broad as I am now. Yes, that’s vanity talking, but I’m trans and shallow: so sue me 😉

On the upside – I’ll skip on the obvious joke about plus-side – the snow and the holiday has meant there’s been plenty of time for long walks and a spot of sledging too. Maybe I’m just a big kid at heart, but there’s something fantastic about going for a long walk through the snow. Chuck in a chance to tab it up a steep hill and sledge back down it, and I’m happy as Lara. 🙂

Last night I caught a review of the year show, which had a lot of doom & gloom about it. I don’t think it was the fault of the show, I wonder if this is more the news in general…. and by that I mean current events, rather than the media as a whole.

Was it ever thus? Have we always been on this Penrose-like stair loop where things seem to be going down and down? Or, is it just how things are reported and that we hone in on what’s wrong, rather than looking at the achievements?

Bill Hicks once joked that after watching the American news (“AIDS! Crack! War!”), he’d opened the front door and heard nothing but the chirping of crickets. It’s a bit too cold (yay snow!) for crickets right now and maybe living in one of the UK top ten boroughs (number 8), makes where I live very peaceful and quiet. Maybe I am just very lucky? If that is the case, I hope that 2015 brings you some good luck and that it is kind to you and yours.

Thanks for reading and stay safe,


  1. It's nice to hear you had a good family Christmas, Lynn. Wishing you a first-rate 2015. Thanks for all your thoughtful, useful, uplifting posts in 2014, for your comments and for your friendship and kindness to other trans people.

    Advice for the year to come: ignore news programmes. News was genuinely worrying when I was a kid (energy crises, nuclear proliferation, cold war, strike after strike, inflation, terrorism…) but life is much better now (hence the paunches we sport). Newscasters have negative bias as the best way to get people hooked to your agenda is to frighten them. Don't give the newshounds the pleasure.

    Sue x

  2. A very nice family break, thanks Sue. You know, I don't think I've watched the news for a year, maybe more. The closest I get is probably reading items on the BBC News app. Good news doesn't sell papers, or so I'm told, so maybe that explains why I don't buy one.

    Thank you for the kind words and I wish you lots of luck for 2015. I just keep plodding on with this old blog of mine. Here's to another year. L x

  3. It's nice to tie a bow on 2014. Let's hope 2015's bow is even bigger, but not because it has to fit around your waist.

  4. Christmas and New Year's were really memorable for me this time round, thanks to a very generous sibling who treated me and the rest of the family to a two-week holiday in Germany and Austria. We saw a lot of snow during the second week (I've since come back home to temperatures in the high 30s – um, yay), and visited a number of fascinating towns and cities: Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Passau. We were in the first place on Christmas Day, and, bizarrely enough, since nothing else seemed to be open there then, we went to what remains of the Dachau concentration camp for something to do (no seriously)! If nothing else, pulling up at the train station there, and seeing a bunch of signs bearing the name of one of the most notorious places of the 20th Century, is certainly a surreal experience!

    Re New Year's Eve, I did the whole NYE thing for a number of years in my mid-to-late 20s, just to see what I'd been missing out on, only to come to the sad conclusion that the answer was "Not much": just lots of crowds and chaos (and unfortunately a lot of arseholes too – you know, the sort of people who haven't had a good night until they've ruined someone else's!). This time around, though, being in a different part of the world and all, I wandered into the heart of town (Munich again) on the night in question, whereupon I witnessed the awesome spectacle of countless people setting off fireworks. Seriously, it was nuts! Exciting though it was, I exercised a fair amount of caution wandering about the place, remembering some of the horror stories I'd been told to explain why Australians no longer celebrated Guy Fawkes' Day (too many horrible injuries from mishandled fireworks), and observing that not all the fireworks being set off around me were going off the way they should've been!

    1. A holiday for Xmas? That does sound generous and what a trip around Europe too.

      Yeah, NYE. More about who you spend it with, I think, rather than where.

      Happy new year X

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