End of an era


Summertime and the trick is not to be cheesy. 🙂 Yes, it’s scorchio outside and my body, being just a wee bit Scots, isn’t really liking it. I’m set up for temperatures that match the inside of the fridge and if summer is warmer than the fridge’s light bulb, it’s too warm for me. But enough grumbling, there are things to be happy about.

School’s Out

Wee Man had his last day at primary school this week and both the Ever Lovely Mrs J and yours truly, was lucky enough to be able to attend. We were treated to an hour or so assembly, starting with photos of when the class first came to school. I did enjoy seeing how some of the kids had changed, but also, how many of them hadn’t really altered.

There was a poetry theme with lots of the class reading items out and then a sort of ‘open letter’ type thing. Here, the kids had written letters of their favourite memory, or tongue-in-cheek apology letters over some comedy misadventures. All very good and then there was a video slideshow of the recent adventure weekend and they all looked so happy, that it brought a tear to my eye. Damned hay fever 😉 Luckily, I had come prepared with tissues, as I’m terrible at these type of things.

We had some more poems and then it was time for a big finish. Wee Man’s teacher had put them in a pop video and got them all to act little parts of it. It was funny and touching at the same time. That really was the cherry on top and after that, the Head Teacher, then stepped up and praised each child on their qualities. It wasn’t Sunscreen, if you remember that, and it was honest and I hoped the kids took the words to heart. There was them a quick prize giving routine for The Kid Done Well and then lots of applause, tears and hugs.

Wee Man is both incredibly proud of his teacher’s efforts and he says he’ll really miss her, when he goes to big school. One of his mates said “Puh, on to the next prison camp then,” which while ten out of ten for faux rebellion, I think he missed out. The other kids have left with a spring in their step, a heart full of wonderful memories and more than just an excellent education.


Thursday was very warm, but I was determined to have a girl’s night out (so to speak). We’ll be away in a week or so, and after attending Chams in Bloke Mode, I didn’t want to miss this chance. I packed my trusty white cotton summer trousers, some cage sandals and, due to some careful pre-planning, managed to get my toes painted in advance. Despite my best efforts to take a slice out of my nose – when will I learn, you don’t rush with an old school razor?! 🙂 – I did manage to get out on time.

The evening itself was a quite affair, with I guess, the weather putting a lot of people off. That’s not to say it wasn’t a good night out. I got to catch up with folk I don’t usually talk to, and for me, that was very refreshing.

Earlier in the week, Diane, like myself, had visited a local PhD student to help with her research. S is looking into Minority Stress and if the measuring scale used for LGBQ people, transfers readily to Trans people. Although there is some similarity, I think there are also some very big differences and those differences grow again, when you think about occasional cross dressers, part timers and full time people. S’s plan is to draw up her own stress system and then provide evidence to prove, or disprove, there’s a correlation.

S and I had a chat about which element of the Trans* community, the research would cover and it seems S is keen to use the word trans as inclusively as possible. Often, it seems that researchers are interested in talking to people who transition, but I think that’s not the whole story. I can think of a few friends who identified – in their own words – as ‘happy just dressing now and then’, but after a few years, they’ve found that their true nature means they want to live full time. While these incidents may jump out to some people, most of my trans friends have remained in their birth sex, but I guess, it’s what’s right for the individual. There’s no right and wrong answer…. well, other than socks & sandals = bad. 😉

Talking of shoes, I saw a very nice pair of Mary Jane heels in Outfit’s sale email. They were down to just twelve quid – well under half price! Much as I looked at them, and thought how nice a new pair of heels would be, I have three pairs of black heels as it is. So, I managed not to give into temptation. That’s the second time this week, as the Ever Lovely Mrs J had been in New Look and they had a sale on too. That’s two sales skipped over in eight days. I think there’s something wrong with me. 😉

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