Another Friday, another post. Although, let’s be honest, last time I didn’t make it until Saturday. Truth be told, I’ve sat here, with my chin propped on my hand, wondering what to write about. It’s funny. Some days I have lots of ideas and when it comes to Friday night, they disappear like…umm…. things that disappear easily. 🙂

Apparently, it’s Nelson Mandela’s birthday today. How do I know? Not because I’m a card carrying liberal, but because I’m a geek and I saw a series of Google Doodles. The other day, Google featured Emmeline Pankhurst. I could make a dodgy quip about girl power, but that – I feel – would be rude and belittling of the impact she and others made.

It’s not He Who Dies With The Most Toys BS – hint: you’re still dead. 😛 The quote above is something that I try to do each day, if possible. Well, other than trying to avoid tedium 🙂 I guess it comes from the idea of changing my idea – hello CBT – of what counts as a good day. I used to get hung up on achievements, but you can’t always make, fix or do something everyday. Not something big anyway. So, now, it’s more a case of what can I do to help others. That can be a simple as helping someone else. I rather like the idea of being able to do a good deed. Sure, maybe it’s trite, but it feels good. Hell, it feels even better when you’ve made a difference.

We’ll all fall over at some point. Dusting yourself off, accepting that something went wrong and then having the strength of character, to continue; that’s the tricky part. I think it’s easy to stay where you are; unmoving, unchanging; than it is to accept you have to do something yourself.

Some of the HR assistance I’ve done for work, and to an extent, just talking to new people at Chameleons, it seems clear that some people want things to happen magically. Sure, that would be nice, but last time I checked, magic only works in books. They’re the minority, there are more who decide that they are going to do something, that they’re not going to accept how things are and they do something about the situation.

To those folk, I tip my hat. Well done for not accepting the party line and making a go of it.

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