Why not a war on red tape?

Not much of a post this week. It’s been a bit meh in places, if I’m honest. 

Work is really annoying me – or more accurately, we’re being turned into a support function, when we’re developers – which is really the crux of the problem. IT nerds may like to say root cause at this point. But, I’ve never been one to sit back and let things lie 🙂 I’ve been to see the head honcho in charge (no PHB, if you follow Dilbert) and I’m continuing with the dev work regardless. Mainly because we’ve got enough support staff; if the dev work doesn’t get done, our team will be in front of the fan as the muck spreader switches on; oh, and I find it much more rewarding being able to put systems in that actually help people do their jobs. Clearly I’m not cut out for the modern workplace, which seems to run on bullshit and paperwork.

But enough about that. 😉

Due to a surprise school concert there wasn’t enough time to get fancy at Chams. The Ever Lovely Mrs J said I didn’t have to go, but I felt that I should…. and I was glad I did. Wee Man’s drumming was brilliant. He’d been working on a track with the guitar teacher (rock guitarist at that m/ ) and it was very heavy. We were surprised and impressed! People started to clap along and Wee Man didn’t drop the beat once. After all that, we came home and after a quick bedtime story, I heard off to catch up with friends at Chameleons. It was a quiet evening, as the summer months often are. That and it was Sparkle’s‘ tenth anniversary too.
Now, Sparkle – at least for me – is a bit of an odd thing. No, not the event itself, but my feelings around it. I think I need to add a disclaimer that I’ve never been. Sure, in the past, I’ve really wanted to, but as my homebody trans life has ebbed and flowed, I find myself less interested.
I know a few friends who gone and they’ve enjoyed meeting up with friends, but it does – by their words – seem a bit of a circus. I guess I, and to an extent my friends too, are lucky in that it’s not the only time we can go out. I mean, I get to go to Chameleons twice a month – generally speaking – and maybe others out & out incidents too. That might not seem like much to some, but to me, it’s enough to keep me (mostly) sane (wibble!).
Mind you, maybe it’s the heat that puts me off. What? A wig, make-up and foundation ware on a summer’s day? Gah, I’m passing out already. 🙂
Take care,


  1. I went to Sparkle and it was exactly as you describe. I really enjoyed partying (and getting very drunk), but it felt a lot like a circus and I just poured for two days, overheating with wig and drippy make up. Its probably worth experiencing once though, if only to feel the genuine camaraderie of sisterhood. Glad you are well Mrs x

    1. The heat puts me off and the last big foray into 'the scene' was the Matlock hotel gig, many years ago. Which, while the immediate company was excellent, the *ahem* entertainment was a little dated (pageant? WTF? 🙂 ) and I felt really out of place. Invasion and Chams have been more me, but maybe others prefer the hotel thing!

      Glad to hear you had a nice time, tho.

  2. I'm gonna need you to take the excitement level up to a 12.5 Ms Jones! This will not do. Please spoil me with tales of fun and glitter. Talking about work and paperwork just isn't going to do it! Hugs!

    1. 12.5? But that's 2.5 more than 10. The engines cannae take it, Alexis. 😉

      Paperwork and sh**? It was that type of week. Hopefully there will be better (trans) times ahead.

  3. Sorry for the late comment – I'm catching up. I go to Sparkle every year as I find it the best organised and most fun event in the LGBT calendar. You can either do the planned events such as meals, balls, laid-on entertainment, lectures, consultations, etc. or arrange your own. For me it's the best opportunity in the year to meet so many other trans people from all over the country and even abroad. Basically, it's what you choose to make it: there's a gathering arranged in Manchester once a year and you can plug into that as much or as little as you want and no matter where you feel you are on your trans journey. I can only recommend it. You will meet the whole spectrum of trans people and their relatives. I find the people who diss the event are often those who can't tolerate the fact that some approach their gender in a different way to themselves. The only way to be sure is to try it out for yourself. I shall be glad to see you there, along with all our other friends. Sue x

    1. Tut tut. I trust you've bought a note, Ms Richmond? 😉

      Your line about tolerance and approach rings a bell. I mean, if you look at any sub culture – ooo, did I just say sub-culture? Yes, shall I say it again? 🙂 – and there will be divisions within it. Not from a nrrrr, we don't like so-and-so but because people are different.

      Sometimes, folk behave in ways we don't like and I think that can further the distance others want to put between them and those they don't agree with. Standard human behaviour I guess!

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