Under pressure


Yeah, we’re back to pop culture references as a title. Well, at least for another week. 🙂

In the last week, I’ve been recording my blood pressure. It all kicked off after I had an appointment at the local doctors’ and he pointed out I’d not had it [my blood pressure] taken for some time. I wandered off to see the Nurse and it seems it was a little too high for someone of my age. Early 40s eh? Is there when bits start dropping off as you fall apart? If so, could some of my flab evaporate elsewhere please? Oh, except in the boob and bum department, I need all the help I can in those departments 😉 Warned that said pressure was a little high, I borrowed one of those electronic gadgets and duly recorded it mid morning and late at night.

It did not go well. 🙂

I guess there’s a knack to relaxing – which I’ve not got – and knowing when to take it. I guess I need to get my head around this, although at the same time, I wonder if that’s just massaging the stats? Hmm. Anyhoo, the only time said pressure dropped to more typical values was at the weekend and – perhaps mais oui – after a night out at Chams. Who said cross-dressing isn’t a relaxing pass time? 🙂 Perhaps it is the stress caused when we want to, but cannot. But then, much of life is like that 😛

I think…. that I get wound up too easily. By that, I mean tense and I do find it difficult to unwind at work. I guess I feel that I should deliver and as we’re currently changing our working practises by introducing lots of wonderful (!!) red tape. Maybe we didn’t do enough before – bureaucracy, that is – but now, I think we’re going too far the other way. I thought IT was supposed to help people, not slay a rain forest. 😉

In other more positive – and hopefully interesting news – I’ve signed up on a mentoring programme for some t-folk on another forum. I won’t say I have all the answers, or that I’m an expert, I’m still learning new things. I am, however, happy to try and help people who are just starting and maybe they can avoid a few of the blind alleys we all go down. On a related note, I’ve signed up to a gig at work to help out in a local primary school. Just a one day thing, were I’ll be leading them in a design group. Fingers crossed it’ll go well.

The Jones Massive are about to depart on a much awaiting half-term break. That will be fun. Nothing to do but go on a few walks, prep the fire, have lovely teas together and enjoy the single bar signal on our mobile phones. Goodbye, cruel world; hello relaxation and good times!

Take care,


  1. The cross dressing blood pressure is only low compared to the non cross dressing moments, due to the constant worries of what to wear and the number of bags and cases needed to house the outfits / makeup / accessories / shoes for the next event. 🙂

  2. It took me an age to relax enough to get a real reading – and I still can't do it in hospitals!

    I was advised to just take my pressure multiple times a day to get used to doing it – it took a while, but it worked in the end.


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