Okay, not me, but this little blog, here. Eight years? How my family, friends and life has changed since then.
I’m now a father of two, there was only Wee Man when I started writing.
Now there’s Little Miss and they’re doing well. They make me so proud.
The Ever Lovely Mrs J continues to get more lovely and life is good.
Sure, there have been some ups and downs along the way, but so it goes.
Not much more to say really, other than, thanks for reading and here’s hoping for a few more years yet. 🙂


  1. 8 years — wow. Well done for keeping going so long. Do you ever read back through your earlier posts to see what you thought back whenever? 🙂

    1. Thanks. <3

      Sometimes I go back and read stuff. I did when I updated the tags.

      Some things I remember, some others not at all. Some of the bad ones – Black Dogs mainly – they're just vague now – thankfully!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I think it's the interaction and peoples' views that keeps me interested.

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