“When the good comes to bad the bad comes to good,
But I’m a live my life like I should…”


I was tempted to say ‘yo’, but I just can’t bring myself for fear that the irony would be missed 🙂

Wednesday and Thursday were very much a chore for some reason. I think it may be because I’d reached the end of catching up on a favourite television series (On-line viewing rules – doubly so with ad-blockers 😀 ) and that work was really dragging. So, I plodded home – as much as one can when driving – through the traffic and after dealing with the nippers, headed off to Chams.

I was not in the best of moods when I arrived because I felt short on time. On the upside, when I got back, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones said she was grateful for me staying later to help with the nippers. So, not all bad news then. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not very good at getting ready quickly. It takes me a while and chuck in the chance for a natter (with Maddy and Alison), and that adds a few more minutes to the clock. I think I got in around 8.30 and I was downstairs just after 9.20 or so….. quick for yours truly. 😉 I think I’d been chatting to Maddy and Sophie for about 15 mins and then we headed off to the pub to catch up with Sam (who, bless her, was waiting on her tod and it’s bad form to leave a friend hanging too long).

Turns out, the visit out was just what I needed. A good long chat with friends and a little bit of Karaoke with Maddy (Beastie Boys FTW!) for comedy value. The New Foresters is such a lovely venue; really relaxed and it has such a lovely, welcoming vibe to it. After much chatting, I left a little after half twelve – although we all had to run (in heels, mais oui) under a collection of umbrellas due to the monsoon-like downpour outside. Still, the British weather is nothing if not varied. 😉

Although I was late to bed, I slept well and I feel much more with it today. In the past, ‘ve heard in the phrase Trans Heroin being banded about. Not to be Master of the Obvious, it’s clearly about addiction and your next ‘high’ (Ed; don’t talk down to the punters, dear). I was pondering this as I drove home. Is it about taking the next ratchet up…. (Ed: it goes all the way to twelve, by the way. Two more than ten 😛 ) …. or is it more a case of your boundaries dropping and you making the outside match with the inside? There’s a thought.

I can and do socialise in Richard mode. I don’t need to be all – for want of a better phrase – femmed up to have a good time. However, if through whatever reason, I am unable to indulge in what I guess you could call semi-regular dressing up; so my mood takes a turn for the worse and I’m not a happy bunny. That said, there are a few bad times, mostly average times and a number of good times. When the latter comes along, everything is easier.

I guess the last bit about averages and good stuff was echoed in a comment by Tanya as we talked about clothes. If I buy regular clothes – jeans, t-shirts, bloke stuff, etc – then the most I get is “yeah, that’s nice. I’ll buy that.” However, if I buy a nice dress or such-like, there is more of a positive affirmation. I feel emotionally better – if that makes sense. Also, I feel pretty – regardless of the very obvious truth 😀 Perhaps I’m heading full circle on the T-drug line? 😉 Then again, I’m not trying everything on in Dotty P’s. I’d like to think I’ve just about got the balance right.

We also talked about fashion and the split between what you like and what suits you. I know Tanya has changed her look in recent months – not that she looked bad before, she’s just a different kind of good. 🙂 I know I’m a little lost with the current trend of high necked, cap sleeved dresses. They’re not really me, even though I’ve seen many ladies rocking that trend. I guess, as Maddy pointed out, that I need a lower neck line to help balance me out. Funny, in a way, the idea of going against a trend because it doesn’t suit you. Fashion eh? 🙂 Equally, Maddy was saying that while she likes certain looks, she feels she can’t do them because they don’t suit her. Men and lady’s clothes eh? What a mix 😉

In other news, I’ve switched razors – yeah, that’s just how rock & roll my lifestyle is. I’d been reading a document on-line (Ed: you mean a web page?) that had been singing the praises of your traditional safety razor versus the multi-blade mortgage-o-rama blades you can buy. In the main, it’s worked. You do have to give your face a good going over with a hot flannel (yay for Clinique face scrub for men!) and use a good well lubricated shaving gel… *and* you have to take your time, but I felt less razor burn and I’ve had less skin irritation since switching last month. Heh, male grooming advice from a t-girl? Whatever next? 😉

On that cheery note, TTFN

[ Today’s lyric: Take a Look Around by Limp Bizkit ]

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