“I’ve got no enthusiasm,
for burgers or computers”

Hello one and all,

I shall be glad when this week is little but a memory. Not that it has been awful or scary, just one very long slog. It all started last week when my work computer – that’s at home – went pop. Yes, it’s an odd arrangement, in that the old kit that’s not recycled / broken up, ends up being used by employees for working remotely. Of course, the trouble with old equipment – regardless of brand – is that it can be a bit temperamental…. with emphasis on the temper and mental.

I’ll try and keep the tale of IT Woe short. Let’s just say that I spent most evenings this week trying to get various bits of old PC, Mac and goodness-knows-what equipment to work together. The only bit of the lash up I’m happy with is my fairly modern monitor and a well used Dell keyboard which Noah handed me as he upgraded to a tablet (or Fondle-slab as a certain IT press site refers to them 😛 ). I may work in IT, but it’s not a hobby nor a passion of mine, it’s a job….. and it’s only a job ‘cos I was sh** at everything else at school. (Ed: if only there’d been fashion design at the all boys school, eh? You big Mary. 😛 )

So, with work not being very forthcoming on the hardware front, I’ve looked at buying a new computer. Aren’t they expensive! 🙂 Yes, I do work in IT, but rarely do I have to worry about the Real World of money. I have a system to build and a budget to deliver it with. Not exactly telephone number figures, but certainly enough to make the Tax Man go all weak at the knees. Sadly, I can’t spend it on fabulous shoes, but you can’t have it all.

“Jones. Where’s the new HA cluster for the customer?”

“I’ve cut it to two nodes, boss…. and I spent the rest of these faaaabulous heels.”

“Excellent work! Do they come in a ten, BTW? My…uhhh… cousin… has large feet… for a lady.”

Maybe not. 🙂

In other news, the seemingly endless slog of Making Stuff Work was tiring me out and as I took the dog out for a walk, it all began to get a bit much….. and then, oddly it wasn’t. In the past, I guess I was looking at the  problem and then worrying about failing to get stuff done, then extrapolating what could happen. I believe the technical term is Catastrophising.

Yet, as my mind tipped towards that old pattern, a little bit of me put the brakes on with: “it’ll be fixed one day. You’re not skint and none of those worries have really happened. They’re just worries. Don’t sweat it.” With that, it was almost as if I’d tied the concerns to a little dark balloon of worry and just let go of the string. Off the worries went, high into the sky to be warmed by the lovely autumn sunshine.

As Mr Dury once sang: reasons to be cheerful. That and I did spend an enjoyable evening looking at some of the A/W fashions. This time around, no guilt or pink fog, just a warm fuzzy feeling of ‘ooo, that’s sooo nice!‘. Top that off with the Ever Lovely Mrs J wanting fashion advice for a work look (no, I’m not sure why she asks me either, as she dresses well), but you help out where you can. Not that I didn’t love every moment. 😉

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Glam Rock Cops by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine ]


  1. That's can't be true! Anyone who works in IT must absolutely adore computers and want to spend every waking moment making them work!

    At least that's what my non-IT friends think when I walk through a door and 'I need you to look at my computer / phone / tablet' is said almost as soon as 'Hello'!

    I take it that you are also a 'Register' reader then? ;p


    1. > absolutely adore computers

      LOL. If there was one thing that cures you of excitement about technology, it's working in IT. 🙂 I've heard from doctors and comedians, that they don't like to reveal their profession due to similar issues.

      TBH, I'm so out of touch with desktop stuff, it's almost embarrassing. I could probably answer which are the new fast chips – but only 'cos the servers have them – and maybe say a little about the desktop releases for Win7 & Win 8 or a bit about Linux (although I'm a noob on that really) but that's about it. I suppose that's the rub with specialising into certain technologies (virtualisation, Win server). Still, on the positive, I can say hand on heart: Sorry, not a clue. Have you tried turning it off and back on again? 😉

      > El Reg

      Oh yes. It certainly has its moments. I think I started reading in the 90s… which was only ten years ago. 😀

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