“Throw your bombs and your blows,
But you’re not gonna break my soul.”


Just when I thought I’d snaffled all my Maltesers, I spied one rested at the side of the keyboard. Little pleasures eh? By a strange quirk of thought (Ed: Fate?), I guess that sums up most of the week really: small, but welcome bursts of good things happening.

The first part of the week saw me away from home on a training course. Some IT “what’s new” gig and while you could argue it could have been a rather tedious death-by-PowerPoint marketing exercise, it wasn’t like that at all. Instead, we – I say, we as a work mate went along – did learn a few things and overall, the course was very helpful. Having a few nights away in a hotel was relaxing too. Wee Man was off at my Mum’s for most of this week, so the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones only had Little Miss to worry about (and only for a few evenings at that).

I managed to wrangle a last minute meet-up with some on-line friends. Not trans stuff, but more writer / role-player types. With regards to the latter, it’s all very text orientated, so less of the clicky-pointy hacking and slashing…. not that there’s anything wrong with that. Anyhoo, we met up and despite it being our first meeting in the real world, we all gone on just fine and nattered the night away over a few jars and an evening meal. All good stuff.

Now, one of said crowd knows about my trans nature and I had thought about coming out to the rest of them. I guess in part, I…. well. Hmm. Let’s take a step back. I had told another friend sometime ago as we talked about her depression and how I was finding it. In the end, I came clean as to what I thought may play a factor (Ed; yup, trans stuff). So, Friend A knows. Cue a visit from Friend A to Friend B and Friend B was asking lots of questions about the stuff I write about, how I write and the choice of the people I write about. As Friend A didn’t want to blurt matters out (bless her), it made for a tricky conversation….. so I outed myself to Friend B…. who was there on Monday night. Still with me? 😉

So all the back-story aside, it didn’t come to pass and I didn’t come out to the rest of them. Really, we were having such a good time and there was no suitable point / questions / reason to do so…. so I just let it lie. I suppose there was an element of me not wanting to spoil the night. Honestly, I think they wouldn’t have been bothered – they are an arty / techy / metal / alternative bunch – so I think it was more for me than for me. When we meet up again, if the subject gets talked about, maybe I’ll answer honestly.

In other minor news, I had a brief shopping trip as I’d seen some nice dresses on the Dorothy Perkins’ website. I popped in after work – pre-Little Miss collection duty – and tried them on. A good fit around the body and a nice hem line. Sadly, though, the sleeves were too short, so back they went. Okay, a dress missed, but pennies saved. Again, things to be thankful for.

There’s been a lack of Pink Fog this week and I can only say that’s a good thing. I guess after last week’s moment of clarity, the idea that jealousy isn’t getting me anywhere other than down, has left some residual thought in my head that I need to look at what I have, not what I don’t. Not so much ‘always look on the bright side’ as not wishing my life away on stuff that won’t happen. So far, so good.

The A Different Journey web site is in a state of flux at the moment. Alex has disappeared from Facebook and her site’s gone too. I don’t have her personal number, but more than anything, I’d just like to know if she’s okay. That’s the rub with online friends, unless you have their number, people can and do disappear.

With the original site unavailable, I’ve started up a WordPress hosted blog called Our Different Journey and I’ve handed admin rights over to Maddy. Hopefully, she’ll be able to spruce up the look and feel ready for the launch later on. Then I can get cracking on some posts for that. Not that there’s a rush, but I don’t like a story without an ending…. even if I have to write my own. 😉

Oh and talking of stories, I received an email today (thanks Megan) about a production group on YouTube (I hope I’ve got that right). Anyways, Where It Gets Interesting have produced some free to view drama shorts and you may recognise a few actresses in them. Coming soon is a trans related story, so if you’re interested, take a look over on YouTube or the main site WatchWIGS.com.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Part of Me by Katy Perry ]


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