“Don’t like to work, I just like to dream”

Hello one and all,

So we’re the second week through the World Sports Day competitions. Team GB have done very well – or so I’ve heard via the news and chats with the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones. You know me and sport, walking is about my limit – maybe a bit of cycling – but watching it? Meh. Not that I’m not dead chuffed that our athletes have tried really hard. Anyways, with the sport being on and Wee Man’s new found enjoyment of computer games, I’ve been catching up on my reading. I think I’ve finished off three books and the reading’s been a pleasant break from the usual activities of web surfing, Facebooking, blogging and all round techno faffery. That said, I did manage to finish off another short story the other day. Maybe if I get enough of them, I could look into Kindle Direct. It’s a thought. 😉

Unlike previous entries, this blog will be unusually positive. I’ve had a few rather nice occurrences of late and they’ve all combined to form a rather good week. Other than enjoying a few books and time off with the nippers, my development review at work came back. For the first time since I started – I’ve been at the firm since 2005 – I got a rating that meant I can have a raise! Yay!! Yes, we get just below inflationary increments, but it’s not quite the same is it. Actually getting that  acknowledgement that what you do has made a difference and is appreciated has put a spring in my step…. oh and the extra cash will be nice too. I have a sneaking suspicion it may go towards servicing my car, but hey, better than going in debt.

In my efforts to put aside jealousy of the fairer sex, I seem to be going okay. I think I’m doing okay in concentrating on thinking “they are looking good” or “she’s well dressed”, rather than “why I am not…”. The latter I’m batting aside with the refrain that it’ll be my turn sooner or later. Why not store up ideas for fashion looks while perusing the sales or planning an outfit. So far? So good. Fingers crossed it’ll continue to work.

Talking of sales, I found myself short of anything cool short sleeved for Chameleons. I’d packed a bag the fortnight before and having failed to get dolled up last time (due the heat), I’d left it all packed up in the bag. Partly laziness, but more a case of being in a bit of a mardy (Ed: translation = bad mood).  Anyhoo, in there was two outfits: dress + leggings and long sleeve top + loose white summer trousers. Noting there was a sale on at our nearby Outfit, I popped in hoping I’d find a nice top. Maybe something floaty or a pink number to go with the white trousers. The Fates of Shopping smiled and there, resting gracefully on the sale rail was one as I’d hoped. Short sleeve, but not too short. Scoop neck (handy if you’re all jaw and need to lengthen your look) and in a bright colour too: pink. Spooky! Plus it was the only one in my size and for seven quid, I thought, why not? On reaching the till, the young sales lady said it was extra off today, so it only cost me two pounds. Well, what’s not to like? 🙂 I also bought Mrs J some new trousers – also in the sale – as she (bless her) has found that her weight loss means a new summer wardrobe.

Thursday night, despite being a little warm, saw me heading off to Chams with a departing smile from Mrs J (which was a lovely added bonus). In the bag I’d got three outfits. Yes, Indecision is my middle name. For years I thought it was ‘Danger’, but there you go 😉 I was a little later than usual, so I bumped into Pat as she stepped out of her car. We chatted as we got changed, with Alison and Maddy popping in too.

Now…. those of you who’ve read this little blog of mine for a while will know that a) I always over-pack and b) I can be nervous about what I wear. I – as per a number of (genetic) women – struggle with what to wear. I do like to wear (what I consider) nice clothes and I do like to keep up with trends. That said, I am… how can I put this? I am – and as I said to Maddy much later on – always conscious of dressing too young. Much as paying attention to folk on the School Run and the ladies at work helps, I’m still in a puzzle over the immortal question of ‘will that suit a skinhead in too much make-up?’ 😉

Months ago I’d cut off some old jeans and turned them into shorts. Not hot pants or short shorts (as I believe modern parlance has them), but certainly mid thigh. I have seen ladies my age in them, but again, I wasn’t sure. Still, with leggings and a quick try on and a positive answer to the question of “are these okay?” to Alison & Maddy, made me keep them on. I did swap shoes; from sandals to heels, but I felt happy that I didn’t look a complete dog’s dinner. Well, a t-girl can dream right? 😉

Suitably changed and as the others drifted off, I popped downstairs to see everyone else. Sophie wasn’t far behind and a few familiar, but less than regular, faces (Hi Roxy!) where visiting too. Rachel had a new do (wig), so it took me a moment to realise it was her. How a change in hair changes someone eh?

Val and Mrs Val turned up, so it was interesting to hear from both of them. The photo sheet was out for the obligatory snaps and then Sophie, Rachel (in new ‘do’) and Maddy headed off to the New Foresters for a drink. All went well and as it got late, we went our separate ways. Maddy and I got talking while in the car park. It was both a helpful and deep conversation, and as way of a change, a serious but not pretentious conversation about all things trans and modern life.

Really, that was just the icing on the cake and I went home a happy bunny. I felt a bit bad coming in at one am, but you can’t have it all. Still, I’ve next week off and it seems an evening in make-up has done wonders for my skin (the Ever Lovely Mrs J commented on how it felt. How kind!).

Oh, one final bit of news. I noticed on my Blogger Stats that this blog has clocked just over 90,000 hits. I’d like to thank you all for reading and for those of you who take the time to comment. Thanks!

Take care

[ Today’s lyric: Chaos & Mayhem by Pop Will Eat Itself ]


  1. >> Maddy and I got talking while in the car park. It was both a helpful and deep conversation, and as way of a change, a serious but not pretentious conversation about all things trans and modern life.

    Damn. I'm so envious.

    Nice for you anyway 🙂

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