“Open up your eyes,
You can’t turn back the tide.”


Another weekly post eh? 😉 Funny, I had a collection of things I wanted to talk about, yet now, as I sit here typing, they’ve all scurried away to hide within the proverbial shadows.

(Ed: temporal time distortion approaching team…. Yes, Lynn did write this bit earlier 😉 )

If I look to my right and out of the window, I can see rolling hills, the near empty branches of trees and some rather bushy connifers. The sun’s spilling out a warm golden light to the day and yet when I track up to the sky, it seems cold.

Other than the exercise of description and a push to get me to actually type something, the above seems fairly indicative of my mood. For the most part, all is well, yet there is this nagging gap that I can’t quite put my finger on. I suppose like the occasional arrival of a cool, but unwelcome draft.

Anyway! Enough of the negative, on with the good news. Thursday meant it was time for a night out. As per, I’d planned two outfits, but my heart – or perhaps my fashion Spider Sense – wasn’t fully with it. Luckily, taking a couple of items packed meant I had options.

I was a little late getting changing as I stopped to say hello to one of the staff who worked at the Centre. Sue was having problems with her email, so being the helpful sort, I offered my services and got things working. It’s not like it took long and as the Centre staff have been good to us, I feel it’s a good thing to help in return.

Leaving Sue to catch up with the email, I headed off to get changed. I’ve started to do my make-up first, mainly as that lets me chop and change outfits later to suit. That, and being an early bird, I’m normally finished with the mirror as the other folk turn up. I was pretty much done when the others rolled in. One of the new folk – Sarah I think – was kind enough to say some nice things about how I’d done my eyes.

Talking of make-up, Amy had bought herself her first lot and – by her own admission – not being sure over the how’s and the what’s, she ended up quizzing, Maddy, Alison and myself…. oh, and a bit of help applying said items too. It’s not easy when you first start out and I know I’m still learning despite all the hours I’ve put in. 😉

What with the computer fixing and make-over, I was a little late getting downstairs. The place was packed too – not that that’s a bad thing. Indeed, quite the opposite as it means there’s lots of folk to talk to and it keeps the group’s funds topped up nicely. Maddy had printed off the posters for Nottingham Invasion. Bless her, the minx had sneaked in my gag as a tag line: “Men in tights: a Nottingham tradition.” I’ll slip Mel Brooks a pint when I see him next. 😉

After 9ish, the place thinned out as a number of folk set off to The New Forestters. I sort of fancied it, but at the same time, it’s a faff getting changed compared to the facilities at the Centre and as I was a bit tired, I gave it a miss. There are times where the need for a good night’s kip overrides the Trans Force 😉

With the Unusual Suspects out of the door, so the evening rolled on. There was then the obligatory photo shoot (not that I’m complaining!), tidying up and sorting out the pots. After that, I scooted upstairs to get changed. I did delay a little as I wanted to try my shoeboots out. I was wondering if they’d be suitable for dancing in – seeing as it’s the Xmas Party next time around (December 8th). The reminds me, I best get the group’s web site updated and put something in the forum too.

Jayne’s organising a meal out in Nottingham before Christmas and I hear through the grapevine that some of the Centre staff are going along too. How cool is that? As Sandi said, that’s acceptance! 🙂

Anyways, all in all a good night out with good company. I did make a bit of a boo-boo by almost forgetting to take my nail varnish off. Luckily Alison saved me from that one. Shame in a way, it was a lovely colour. 😉

Oh, one parting shot before I go: if you’ve been watching My Transsexual Summer, are you getting a bit fed up of the employer’s line of “what about the punters?” Personally, I don’t give a hoot who serves me, so long as they’re polite and my drink arrives on time! 🙂 I really hope that that programme help non-trans folk understand what some of our community have to go through.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: It’s No Good by Depeche Mode ]


  1. Sometimes: Hi. Yes, it was a good night out.

    Bushy…. perhaps not the best word I could have used in retrospect 🙂 Glad to amuse tho!

    Becca: Thanks for the kind words. I had too check via Google who you meant. I'm chuffed, she's thinking "My ugly sister" LOL.

  2. The description at the beginning of your post reminded me of something that happened to me this morning. I happened to wake up around 6, and found my bedroom positively aglow with a beautiful golden-brown light from the early morning sun outside – it was a rather magical experience.

    Glad to hear you had a nice night out this week just past. I had one myself, having gone to see none other than the great Eddie Izzard, who did a show in my neck of the woods. Given who I was seeing, I thought it'd be fun to wear something girly for the evening, so threw together a nice outfit that included an ankle-length skirt made out of a really metallic-looking silver satin. Ironically enough, while I may've cross-dressed for the occasion, Eddie himself didn't (nor, IIRC, did he bring the subject up at all during his routine)! Has he given up the CDing (I periodically hear rumours that he has)?

  3. Becca: Ooo, thanks for the link. I've enjoyed flicking through those magazines.

    By sheer dumb luck I seem to have arrived at a similar pose to the good ladies in said magazine. That or my subconscious has been working overtime once again. One day, it'll get a nice long rest.

    Oh, and ta for the kind words once again.

    Zosimus: Hi there! There is something rather nice about that type of light… preferably when you're awake and not prying your eyelids open after not quite enough sleep. 😉

    The outfit sounds cool and I hope you were suitably entertained my Mr Izzard.

    The last time I saw him was on TV and he was doing a series of marathons around the UK. Anyway, he was asked by a member of the public about his transness and he did reply quite openly about it. I guess he just doesn't do it as publicly as he once did. There's a film about his life – the title currently escapes me (anyone know?) – and he covers that period of stand-up + dressing-up. Interesting stuff!

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