“You known I can’t believe it,
when I hear that you won’t see me.”


This time around it’s a quiet week and as I’ve said before, quiet isn’t necessarily bad. Sure, I don’t mind watching a bit of drama second hand – so books or film – but experiencing it first hand isn’t always quite so welcome. 🙂


Mid week I booked an afternoon off to do a spot of shopping. Not the trans stuff, but the more mundane things such as new bloke clothes. My trainers have reached optimum comfort, which in real terms, means they are in danger of dropping to pieces when I least expect them too.

I also kept my eye out for some Xmas gifts and when you spot something that’s just right, it can pay to pounce on said item before you forget or it goes out of stock. I did spot some nice items for the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones, so on a whim, I decided to check another store. Luckily for me, that paid off as there was a Three for Two offer. Handy as I was already in there buying make-up, although sadly, there were no special deals on this time around. I also managed to get Wee Man’s fancy dress costume sorted out for his mate’s birthday party and remember to get said mate a present.

While looking for men’s shoes, I did see some rather nice biker style boots. Okay, not what I’d gone in to town for, but hey, when fortune smiles eh? 🙂 I decided not to invest because I’ve got a few pairs of heels and with Mrs J’s feet being the same size as mine, we pool our boot collection.

As Invasion Nottingham is on the cards for next month, I did try on a coat in New Look, but it wasn’t really me. The Invasion gig has been masterminded by Sam and I’m hopeful that’ll be a good night out. I know a number of the Chams massive are going, so fingers crossed. Maddy is working on a poster and when that’s ready, I’ll ask about re-posting it here.

I had read on-line about a series of new bras. Debenhams seemed to be the first to market and like most fashions and technologies, it didn’t take long for competitors to catch up. To that end, I did try the M & S Double Size bra. I guess you’d call it a Wonderbra on steroids. I sort of worked with just the one set of boob enhancers (aka chicken fillets), but not with both and really, it didn’t do a lot for yours truly. Perhaps on a (genetic) lady, it would work wonders. So back that went.

You researched what?

Being both a nosey so-and-so and part of what some folk call alternative lifestyle…. although for the record, I think we trans folk are born this way (baby), so it’s not really a choice. To boil it down to a soundbite, I think the only choices elements are being open, closed or somewhere in-between. But that aside, I find studies into us human folk rather interesting.

Anyhoo, a friend sent me a link to a presentation called A talk based on A Billion Wicked Thoughts. Research based on sexual behaviour, in this case, pornography access within the Internet. The YouTube video is here and while it contains adult themes, it’s not graphic, although some terminology may offend. It’s also just under an hour, so happy viewing.

One of the items mentioned was the popularity of she-male porn (if you’re short on time, it’s about 22 minutes in). Larks, just writing that is going to produce some interesting search hits isn’t it. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea! 😉 If type of ‘entertainment’ is that popular with straight men, does this explain admirers? Does it also go someway to answering the notion – incorrect in my view – that trans folk are always ‘up for it’? What I mean is, if Joe Public keeps seeing images of trans folks in erotica and not the real world, does that twist mainstream society’s view of us. Questions, questions eh?

On that note, cheery bye and have a nice weekend.

[ Today’s lyric: Don’t You Want Me by The Human League ]


  1. I have pondered the popularity of that particular flavour of adult entertainment, stumbleing across research which challenged my initial assumptions. My concern though, remains that most consumers have never knowingly met a tg person irl and so their assumptions are clouded by what they see on screen.

  2. Lucy: Aye. I'm not sure the porn industry is the best place to set one's moral compass 🙂

    I guess if all a person sees – from a TG point of view – are busty trans folk 'gagging for it' – perhaps they'd be in for a shock when they meet someone in the real world.

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