“It’s The End Of The World As We Know It
(And I Feel Fine)”

Hi everyone out there in t’interweb land,

 Argh, brain freeze. 🙂 Where to start? Well, it’s been a pretty good week, all things considered. The weather’s been good, the nippers have kept out of trouble, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones hasn’t been over-worked and apart from a slight issue with the hound, all is good. Oh, and it’ll be about a week or so, since I reduced the anti-miserabalist tablets and dare I say (Ed: Dare! Dare!) that so far so good. All in all, it’s been rather quiet and relaxing. So there’s not really a lot to report! 😉

Given that I’d not been shopping for sometime, I decided to invest in some rather nice leopard print peep-toe heels. A bargain at under 30 quid, so I sent off for them. Sadly, it was one of those small eights, which I guess is a way of saying, it’s a 7.5 but we’ll flog it as an eight. 🙁 Back they went, although it did prompt me to go through my cupboard and see what I’d got in there.

Thursday meant a night out with the (t)girls as it was Chameleons once again. The numbers have been doing rather well of late, so doing okay with the rent of the centre. It’s also good to see everyone chatting and having a relaxed time of it. For want of something to do, we had a bring and buy sale. I know I had a few items in my closet that I wasn’t going to wear any more: a couple of skirts, a few tops, some boots.

Talking of boots, a certain lady – who shall remain nameless – brought along her new laptop and ran a quick picture show of all the boots she owned. Not so much in an ooo-look-at-me way, but more, I-think-my-shopping-has-taken-over way. 🙂 One hundred and seventy pairs….give or take a few.

Talking of technology, I’m still slightly in awe of what we seem to be capable of and just how quickly things just become the norm. I mean, I’ve been working from home for most of this week and with the use of Skype and other such gadgets, it’s pretty much like being in the office…. only quieter and I get more done. Not that it’s bad where I work, far from it, but there are times when you really need to get your head down and crack on with writing or catching up with certain emails. I’ve also switched to using Chrome as an experiment. Browser-wise, I’m not really fussed over the big three (IE, Firefox or Chrome) – just so long as there’s an ad-blocker function. I suppose if I really knew my stuff, I’d block it at the router, but I’m lazy and after a day battling with servers and whatnot, I’m very much in user-mode: I’m happy to switch off and just use the technology. 🙂

Where were we? Oh, yes, bring & buy. A few items went and that helped top up the funds a little more. Judging by the finances and what Sandi had to say, we should be sorted for a party this coming July. It’ll be free entrance to regular attendees, which I think is rather nice. What didn’t go, will go to a local charity shop, so really, everyone gets something…. sort of.

Outfit-wise, I tried for a summery look and a break from leggings + long top. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I try not to get stuck wearing the same thing. The heels are bright pink and while I love the kitsch colour of them, they’re okay provided you don’t spend time putting out chairs, tables, bring & buy or making the tea. Perhaps gladiators would have been a better choice. Oh the vanity!

One last thing, according to the Internet, it may well be the end of the world by the end of the month. I hope not, I’ve just paid the remainder of the family holiday. 😉

Take care,

( Today’s lyric: “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M ).


  1. It must be a week for it. I've just bought some gloriously tacky leopard-print heels myself.

    And I'm off charity shopping this morning. I need some short floaty dresses for dancing and the high street shops are failing me.

    As for the end of the world: stuff that! I've got plans for next month 😉

  2. Hi lynn,
    thought you looked fab on thursday.
    Really good to have a nice chat with you and the others.
    Hope your dog is ok after his mishap.
    Hmm I wonder who could possibly own as many boots as that? ;o)
    As for putting the tables out, perhaps you need some uggs like Sam. ;o)
    The end of the world, but which one in which dimension?

  3. Pandora: Ahh, the quest for the perfect floaty dress. Good luck on your bargain hunt.

    Yes, heels. Sometimes better in kitsch?

    Sophie: Thanks Mrs and it was good to catch up. I do realise I owe you some snaps (of your rather nice outfit!).

    Doggy is feeling much better, thanks. We both went out – with nippers – for a very long walk.

    Flat shoes? But think of the glamour, darhlink! 😉

    Jonathan: This time around, twenty one, which I think is pretty good for late spring. Last week was good too, at the mid twenties mark.

    Carolyn Ann: LOL @ billboard gag.

    "Sorry, sir, but you do have to pay for the whole month of May. I know you think the world is going to end, but that's our rates." 🙂

    I've booked a picnic on the 22nd. 🙂

  4. Unless we've all unknowingly passed through to a new dimension which is exactly the same as the old one, its safe to say the world hasn't ended.
    Glad the groups going well.
    Lucy xx

  5. That's fine if the End of the World as we know it -REM but what matters is where your indelible soul goes. Here's one suggestion (which I think you'd reeeeelly appreciate) — Know how-to be at my party-hardy in Heaven? Nothing on earth is worth the loss of Heaven, girl, for our finite existence is over in the blink-of-an-eye; Jesus/our Mother are the only free antivirus, while I’m only the prophet in a world that’s whorizontally haywire. Death’s super-cool, however, if you’re on the RITE side: we'll have a BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy for eons and eons fulla anything and everything and more. Wanna come? Meet me Upstairs — Now, having read this, you’re faced with a choice: turn-back to sin, leading to the dark OR return to God who loves you like crazy. WAIT! BEFORE YOU CALL ME A NUTJOB… I have some pretty nifty things you may do in Heaven. Besides being the most gorgeous thang God ever made, wanna nekk in Heaven on a park bench? Wanna lemme serve you for eons and eons? Wanna lemme feed you baklava and Starbucks (either mocha or Strawberries&cream frappuccino) and those teeny, canned oranges for the length of eternity? Wanna swim nude in the ocean as shallow as four feet and then take a shower? Wanna be one with me for SEVEN, WHOLE, MONTHS?? Wanna be an adorable 17 forever, me a dashing 21? Wanna love so deep and wide, passionate and warm the universe cannot hold our? Wanna lemme be a part of you till even Heaven crashes around us? Wanna lemme snuggle with you, to love you and gratify your wonderful, beautiful, adorable feet? Wanna lemme prove to you I love you more-than-you-know, from head2toe, bodyNsoul… to give you pleasure-beyond-measure? I do. Most definitely. Meet me in Heaven, girly, and I'll do alla that and more for you for the length and breadth of eternity. God bless you.

  6. KKF: 'Turn back to sin' you say. Leaning towards the atheist end of the belief spectrum (or is that non-belief? Hmmm), then I don't go in for sin or religion. That said, if *you* want to follow that code / teachings, good for you. I won't get in your way.

    As to the offer of a party, if there is a heaven – which again, I don't believe in – I shall be waiting patiently for my soul mate, Mrs Jones.

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