“There’s a better life and you dream about it, don’t you”


I think it was around Tuesday that I drove by a lorry and the large advert on the side, kick started my brain. Sadly, whatever witty and erudite post I had planned, fell foul to memory failure and a busy week. Ho hum. I suppose that’s a bit like the dog ate my homework. I do find the lapses of memory frustrating and no doubt that’s one of the reasons humanity invented writing. 🙂

Not much on the trans front his week, so if that’s your main reason for visiting, move along as there’s nothing to see here. 😉 Other stuff, health and family are fine. Work is not so good, or more accurately, work was okay. There I was bumbling through another week and soon the day of the interview was upon me. Notes memorised, shoes shined and suit suitably suity, off I went. Only, I didn’t get it.

I know that there are some jobs you are just not ready for and I also know that there are other folk out there more talented that yours truly. However, when it’s an internal gig and you know that the application date has been put back to encourage more applications, you start to hope you’re in with a chance. Or at least I did.

So, yeah, I didn’t get it and yes, I am cross about it. I’ve downgraded the mentalist status from very cross to just cross on account of the large Pimms perched to my right. I have lined up a feedback interview, so I guess we’ll see where I fell flat or otherwise. Thing is, this is the fourth time I’ve missed the mark and I begin to wonder it’s time I moved on.

Still, all those thoughts aside, it is the weekend, the sun is shining and the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones is cooking a delicious smelling tea for us both to enjoy. Time to put away concerns about organised faffing and concentrate on the important things: family, friends and food.

Chin, chin!


[ Today’s lyric: Nine to Five by Dolly Parton ]


  1. Hello,
    I,m new to the neighborhood, so please bear with me. Not only am I new but I'm also fairly computer illiterate…but I'm learning. I'll have to do some backtracking and get caught up on your blog, but it sounds like you're having trouble getting a new job. I've been at this job hunting game for about fifteen months now. I think my age is against me. I'm no spring chicken anymore. But…I rely on my Lord and savior to see me through. No…I'm not going to get all preachy or anything…just saying.

    Thanks for listening to me and I'll add you to my prayer list. I pray for all us girls…we all need the help we can get.

    Hold your head high and keep plugging away.


  2. Sorry to hear that – I hope that you get the information from the feedback that you are looking for.

    Glad that the Pimms is did it's job though 🙂

    And of course, I hope the meal was as nice as you were describing it 🙂


  3. Oh dear.
    Perhaps a particular person they were hoping to apply didnt, hence the put back deadline.
    But all I can say is they dont know what the're missing Lynn.
    Chams thurs?
    Big hugs.

  4. Penny: Ummm, well consciously I thought I did. Perhaps the sub-brain has other ideas! 🙂

    Cynthia: Hello and welcome to the mad house. 😉 Not so much getting a new job, but getting training/promotion in my current role. It's proving to be very tricky going.

    Stace: Thanks, Mrs. With luck the feedback will be useful. I'm still narked about it. Maybe it would be best to hold my tongue.

    Sophie: Who can say? I guess it'll come out on the rumour mill anyway. Ta for the kind words, BTW, and yes, Chams this Thursday does sound good.

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