“Would you have liked a present too?”

Hey all,

It’s a well worn phrase around this here blog, but this week really has gone by in a flash. I *think* I can remember Tuesday starting and suddenly, it’s Friday night. I’m sure it won’t be long in that I’ll blink and Wee Man will be visiting with his grandchildren. 🙂

It was the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones’ birthday just the other day and that, of course, meant shopping for pressies. Funny, but I do tend to worry a little when shopping for others. Yes, I do buy my nearest & dearest a fair bit, but it’s not a scatter gun approach. There is a method to the proverbial madness: keep an eye on what they’re using, listening out for wishes or spotting where their eye lingers in shops. Sometimes I even remember to write it down. 😉

In some ways it’s interesting- at least to me – in seeing the evolution of shopping and present buying. I don’t mean early ones lacked thumbs, more than when we earned less, birthdays and Christmas could be tricky. You did have to think carefully over which gift you wanted to give. Shops or brands that would have been sought are either passed by, or are simply not there. I guess that as our collective wages have increased, so has the choice available to us. Perhaps it is the level of luxury that’s been raised.

Do material goods make us happy? Sometimes, yes. Not so much the love of sparkly items, or ‘no expense spared’, but the fact that you’ve made an effort. Equally, shopping within a budget is more fun because you have to be creative. You simply can’t throw money at the problem and when you do fall on the perfect gift, it’s all the more satisfying.

On that materialistic note, I hope the weekend is kind to you.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Happy Birthday by Altered Images… and if that’s not a suitable title for a crossdressing shop, I don’t know what is 😉 ]


  1. Ah, Kochanski!

    These days I struggle for pressies for Mrs Stace. The problem is that over the years we have collected the things that we want – and as you say as disposable income has increased it's less of a 'We have to wait for birthdays to get this'.

    She has the same issue with me…

    Gefeliciteerd met jouw vrouw!


  2. Firstly say happy birthday to Mrs Jones from me Lynn.

    Pressies, hmm, I think with a few exceptions my family have resorted to the money in cards scenario as we have more than enough nicknacks etc. Well, that and the fact that I can hardly tell them I want that fab little dress… ;oD

  3. Stace: "He's a smeee…. a smeeee. No, wait. Smeeeeg Heeeeeiid" 😉

    Hartelijk bedankt.

    Sophie: Ta and I will. 😉 Yes, the joy of nicknacks. Please, no more tat! LOL

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