Here’s your ticket,
Hear the drummer get wicked!


December is truly upon us: the wind’s bitter cold, there’s decorations galore, fancy frocks are in the windows, party invitations are doing the rounds and the Easter Eggs are in the shops. Actually, the latter may not be true 🙂

Just as sports folk like the early summer months – or so it seems – so the early winter season is truly transtastic. Cosy clothes, warm boots and of course, the cherry on the top of it all: the party season. Outfits are glam and heels are high. All good stuff.

To add to all this, at least for yours truly here, is the chance for a dance. (Ed: ooo, unexpected sh** poetry). As a kid I was pretty shy and retiring, but in my teens I discovered night clubs and that was the end of the wallflower behaviour. Once I hear a tune I like, I’m gone. I’ve no doubt I’ll become – if I’m not already – the embarrassing Dad at a family disco. Okay, not quite, I can reel myself in when I have to, but the urge to want to dance is pretty strong.

So you can imagine the so build of delight at the thought of a night out (Chams Xmas Do!) with good friends and the clear and present danger of sore feet from dancing until I’m out of breath.

Okay, while it’s not going to be anything like a superclub – as far as I know – it’s enough for me. Let’s just hope it doesn’t go all ‘Pete Tong’ 🙂 (Ed: that’s “wrong” for our overseas readers).

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Welcome to the Terrordome by Public Enemy ]


  1. Dear Lynn,

    Transtastic .. love it
    Honestly, nice word minting there and never mind the bollocky poetry.

    Do mind the dancing though. That woman accross the floor smiling at you, well that is a grimace. Reel it in a little. Keep a grip on.

    I am a serial misplaced exhuberance offender and know the risks all to well. Don't do as I have done.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Ah the winter season…

    Crisp bright mornings wrapped up in a scarf and winter coat. Walking around the lake watching your breath in the air.

    Love it.
    Of course the realisty half the time is freezing, greay and wet – but never let that put you off 🙂

    As for the dancing… My better half finally convinced me to go to dance clss 2 1/2 years ago. After 7 years of trying. Now I love it! Still not got th confidence to try it outside of the dance school though 🙂

    Enjoy your Christmas do, dance the night awway!

  3. Love your Blog titles Lynn. Know what you mean about the time of year to cosy up. Loving getting in from work and cosying up in my pj's and flufy dressing gown.

    Hope you have a good time at the Notts Chams Christmas do.

    Love Emma x x x

  4. Hope is doesn't go all 'Pete Tong'? !?!? I'm not sure all of us yanks got the memo on that whole situation 🙂 Ugh … I shall now go back to my studies (an my essential mixes!)


    P.S. I agree … winter = cute clothes.

  5. Petra: LOL. It's an old word – I hear there used to be a trans magazine with the same name.

    Advice taken and duly lodged in my head 🙂 Best to take it easy.

    Stace: Yeah, extra thick coat, hat + gloves to guard against the chill of a walk to school / work.

    Are your dance lessons formal then? Freestyle I can handle, but organised moves just don't work for me 🙂

    Emma: Thanks, Emma. I do ponder them a bit 🙂

    Will you be joining us for the Xmas Do?

    Melissa: I hope it doesn't go Pete Tong either. We've got a proper disco this time around, so I live in hope!

    ps: Good luck with the studying!

  6. Hi lynn

    just in case i have the old reliable stereo and the rope lights in the boot of the car at the ready. So Plan B is in place.

    So come along relax and enjoy, i think we deserve it this year.

    Im sure things will be fine.

  7. Yup Lynn, formal styles. Ballroom amnd Latin. Think Strictly, but with much less style and ability 🙂

    I'd hate to think what I would look like trying free style :S

  8. Sandi: Always good to have a back-up plan. We've got an array of party CDs too.

    Relax? Oh that would be nice! 🙂

    Stace: LOL @ Strictly. I could just see you in a glamourous little number 😀

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