“Oh, what a night…”


The Boots Make Over evening has been and gone. Dare I say it was a resounding success? I must confess that I was a little worried because I didn’t want to let anyone down. Firstly, there’s the group itself: you’re never 100% sure that a visitor will make it (sudden emergencies etc). On the flip side of that, there’s the group: would enough people be coming to make it worth Boots’s time?

I managed to get to the centre early and I was just getting changed when a taxi rolled up. Sh**, I hadn’t done my face! Anyway, clothes and wig on, I nipped downstairs, got to the door and… no-one was there. Hmmm. How odd. I thought I better set some chairs and tables up in case it came back. I’d just finished putting out the necessaries when the front door went and there was a shouted hello from the people I was expecting. Hurray. Step one completed. I felt a bit odd all dressed up (and with wig) but without my ‘face’ on. After introductions, I helped where I could, made the four ladies drinks and passed on a box of choccies as a thank you.

While I was in the kitchen, the Centre’s manager popped her head around the corner and wanted to tell us about the new web site. Apparently, it’s been redesigned and they were looking for a short intro and a snap of the group. Well, we have a suitable photo already – see Chams website – and an intro wouldn’t take long to do. With that done and the Boots ladies busy setting up, I headed upstairs to put my face on. Unusually for me, I was quite quick! 🙂

Back downstairs again and there were goodie bags on each of the chairs! Things from No. 7 and Clinque. More and more people arrived and that was step 2 over with: the worry that there would be 8 of us.

The evening proper kicked off just after 8ish and we had a talk about skin care and foundation. We had some good questions from the group and some good real world answers too. I’m by no means an expert, but by dumb luck I seem to have arrived at a suitable routine: regular cleansing and a bit of moisturiser. Tracey stepped up when they asked for a volunteer. A few people nudged me, but I was adamant that other people would get a chance. I had a make-over a few years ago and it was such a good experience – I learned a lot! – that I wanted other people to get a go.

With the skin care talk over with, it was over to the lady from No. 7 to talk about eyes, lips and cheeks. There’s too much to go into here and honestly, I don’t think I’d do it justice. Some of the items that stuck in my head where:

  • Your make-up will stay on longer and look better if you look after your skin.
  • Don’t do strong eyes and strong lips – it’s too much and will ‘throw’ your features.
  • Do try a lippy on your lips as against the hand just won’t work.
  • Some styles suit some people, some don’t (namely: not everyone can do smokey eyes)
  • Do just experiment with a look
  • Keep practising and trying new ideas.I’d never heard the hall so quiet! Honestly, you could hear the clock on the far wall ticking away. Tracey had her eyes done with a subtle silvery pallet and Alison had hers done too. On a personal note, I found out that I am at least wearing the right blusher: being a pasty so and so, pinks are best for me.

    At the end of all that – and a round of applause – we had the draw for the raffle. Just prior to the evening, the Boots ladies had sold raffle tickets in aid of a local Cancer charity. There were cries of fix when Sandi won, then again when Tracey (Sandi’s hubby) did and then much laughter when I won the third and final prize! I got a very large box of Clinque items: some male products and some make-up too. Talk about trans heaven! 🙂

    So… all in all, a very good night. We had loads of people come along – which topped up the group’s coffers and from what I heard, everyone had a really good time. We also got to hear the party line on blokes going to the make-up counter. The ladies – who, bless them – were so unfazed by us, told us that there job is to look after a customer. It doesn’t matter if they are young, old, female or male. I know that’s been my experience when visiting. They also said they had a Beauty Room which was away from the shop floor and while we are welcome to use it, because it’s shared you do need to ring ahead.

    In other news, I caught up with Rebecca, who I’d not seen in a while and also got to talk to a son & mother who’d come along for a second visit. Clearly we didn’t frighten them away last time. Rats. Must try harder! 🙂

    Once changed and back in bloke mode, I set off home and let the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones have her pick through the goodie bags. Her face lit up at all the freebies… and the big Clinque box? Packed with goodies.

    Other than uploading this, my next task is to write a big thank you to Boots.

    Top stuff. 🙂

    Take care,

    [ Today’s lyric: December 1963 by The Four Seasons ]


  1. Emma: It was a really good night: both for the event itself and a good old fashioned chin wag too. Sorry to hear you couldn't make it. Xmas party next time tho! Hint hint!! 🙂

    Stace: Thanks. It was very cool – and the box of Clinque gear was the icing on that particularly glamourous cake.

  2. hi lynn

    Brilliant night, in fact i think one of the best in a very long time, so thanks a million for organising it. we were pleased with the raffle prizes too.

    The goody bags were great too.

  3. Damn, had made half a mental note to pop along to the Boots evening. Should read your blog more often then I may not have missed it. 🙁

  4. Anon: Thanks… Sandi? 🙂 No probs on the organisation stuff, it's nice to be able to give something back… oh, and to win such lovely prizes too 😀

    Alex: Nevermind! There's talk about a repeat for other 'houses' from Boots. Maybe next time?

  5. Lucy: Thanks! It was a good night and when I stopped by the shop later in the week, I caught up with the sales staff and they had a good time too.

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