“If you make sure you’re connected,
The writing’s on the wall…”


Well, I can stare at the small and empty white window no more. I feel that if I don’t put something – anything! – in here, Friday will pass without a post. It is true that the world will keep on turning and society will not fail due to me missing this one.


It’s a personal deadline. I want to do this and I take (and make) the time to do something. Okay, this week I’ve left it a bit late and the working week has caught up with me. I find tiredness kills the Muse – or at least severely stuns the poor lass. This morning, I think I should have made a few notes rather than clearing my inbox so quickly. Really, would a 2 minute delay between the email been that bad?

However, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones surprised me with a very welcome cup of tea and a small cake. Tea is the fuel that powers Britain. It is not the urgent powerhouse of coffee nor chemical LOX of an energy drink. No, tea – in all its wonderful forms – is the Ambrosia of Englishness. 🙂 (Ed: Or it might be custard. I’ll keep you posted.)

Going back to the email point, with all the ways we are connected these days, the pace of life – and I’ve only been working since the early 90s – seems to go up a notch each year. Email was a gadget, then it became business critical. Now there’s instant messaging for corporates and mobiles or ‘soft phones’ so you can be available to talk to even when you’re not there. Hell, you don’t even need a phone with Skype et all – just a computer. There is no escape!!! 😀

I sometimes wonder if there’ll be a comms backlash and we’ll have ‘off-line days’. A day in the office where you shut the door, take the telephone off the hook and just get on with doing some work. Actually, I had a day like that earlier in the week. I was working from home and my work mobile was on the blink. I logged in, ignored all my email and just got on with what I needed to do. I don’t think I’ve managed to produce so much work in a morning for some time…. and I didn’t even have my heels on* 🙂

( * Although I did blag some tops in a pre-Xmas sale and get some Chrimo pressies in. Result! )

Take care

[ Today’s lyric: Connected by the Stereo MCs ]


  1. A few years ago one of the Civil Service departments experimented with a ban on sending emails on a Monday, so people could try to clear the weekend backlog, and deal with the deluge of calls that always came from customers who had been waiting since Friday to speak to someone.

    It lasted a week. 🙂

  2. Tea indeed. A beverage of great consequence no doubt and the very first thing to pass my lips each day. Well, sometimes a little profanity passes my lips first when toe is stubbed in a still dark bedroom, but there we are.

    Long live tea.

    And what exactly is this email thing that people seem quite chatty about?


  3. Oh – email is the curse of modern office life. And then there's the spam of course… We really need the tea to keep going.
    And coffee. Don't forget the coffee. Our office coffee machine broke recently and the software team immediately registered a 'critical' all-work-stops bug in the Bugzilla system. They were only half joking!

  4. I'm trying to come to terms with the idea of the coffee machine being broken. That bought me out in cold sweats!…

    (Penny: One of my hats in the office is software developer – and I can say that no – we do not work without that caffine bomb…)

  5. So, Lynn, if tea powers Britain, what is it with cakes? All of my dear friends in England and other parts of the UK seem to mention cake all of the time. I mean, I like cake too (you know, a big piece of chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and, perhaps, birthday candles on top), but I don't dwell on it! Really, I am just jealous, I guess.

    I do drink tea. My best friend (in my male life) is a Brit. He has tried and tried to get me to drink Earl Grey the time-proven way of the English, but I just can't do milk in my tea. It must be black. What's with the milk? We in the colonies just don't do it that way.

    And, I suppose that chai tea that I so love is just too California?

    Sorry I am so late in commenting.

    Calie xxx

  6. Callie: Because like tea, cakes come in all different forms and flavours. There's almost a cake for every occasional. 🙂

    I think tea is… social glue for we brits. We make some a cup when they visit, we 'put the kettle on' in times of crisis: that old and conforting routine of fill, boil, mash and pour.

    As you say, tea doesn't have to have milk in it. It's personal taste at the end of the day. Of late I've switched to herbal or natural 'de caff' brews… simple because to much of the wonderful stuff sends me a bit loopy 😀

    ps: No need to apologise… I'll let you off if you treat your friend to a cake 😀

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