“He’s born to shimmer, he’s born to shine…”

Hey all,
How’s things with you? [insert lengthy pause here] Hmmm… Plenty going on in my head right now, but I’ve not yet got my brain around how to type it all up. I guess writing an entry once a week, pretty much every week means there will be some repetition and it’s that that makes me stall. It’s break the flow out of my head and out to the keyboard.
Thursday I was off to Chams (sorry, Nottingham Chameleons) for a bit of social. It was a lovely sunny evening and part of me wondered about setting the tables and chairs outside. Still, it was early on and in the UK, you never really know what the weather’s going to do. Job done, I nipped upstairs to I get changed (I remembered my camera and to charge the batteries!): long summer top, leggings and wedges. It was those or the gladiators, but I think I’ll be needing flats for the party next time. The flash isn’t quite right and I think my camera is on it’s last legs. Still, it’s been faithful and perhaps it’s time for retirement… and a damned good wipe program for the memory card too. :-)Anyhoo, the evening was quiet. There was around half a dozen or so of us there: Tracey, Sandy, Yvonne, myself and a new lady called Andy. To be accurate three others turned up but disappeared outside for a chat for most of the evening. Andy turned up around 10ish and it was her first time to the group. She was – and quite understandably so – rather nervous. I suppose when you go to a group for so long or you go out as much as some of us do, it becomes second nature.SparkleTalking of going out, part of the reason why it may have been so quiet is that it’s Sparkle up in Manchester. I’ve not made the effort to go, mainly due to a lack of organisation on my part and family commitments. Part of me would be interested in going just so I can make up my own mind.There’s been praise, scorn and satire of the event. I wonder which of the three are closest to the truth? The cynic in me says satire, but I’d like that not to be the case. 🙂 I wonder if my lack of drive to go is that I’m lucky enough to get out regularly (from a trans point of view). Last year I went to Harmony and I didn’t really click with the event. The company, food and disco was very good, but it felt a little stayed in places. Perhaps I should have headed to the bar when the beauty contest started. Mmmm… beer :-)Some people on-line and in real life (Ed: IRL?) have been saying that the next generation of trans folk are making the most of the more accepting attitudes in society. I’ve heard it said that they don’t need the support groups or organised events that the current wave do. As the old guard (Beaumont et al) don’t seem to be relevant anymore (Ed: Don’t sit on the fence, Lynn!) so perhaps the organised events, socials or support groups could one day go.But… I don’t buy that. Maybe some folk are happy to get on with it, but I think as long as we – we trans folk have hang ups over who we are – so we’ll have support groups in out of the way places to help people come to terms with who they are. It’s not all bad news, but hey, it takes a while for that message to get through.So, whatever you’re up to this week: stay safe and enjoy. That’s an order, private! 🙂
x[ Today’s lyric: Shimmer by Shawn Mullins ]


  1. A niche will always remain for social / support groups. I didn't go to sparkle either which I suppose also has its niche and is not to everyones taste.

    Nice outfit btw.

  2. Calie: 'Aye Aye'? Have you gone all pirate? 🙂 Thanks about the dress tho.

    Lucy: Aye… doh! I mean, yes. There probably will be. I suppose it must be nigh on impossible to run an event which caters to everyone's tastes.

    Oh, and thanks about the dress too. Nothing like a bit of summer glamour.

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