“I got a thousand lines, where do I begin?”


In a short while, Blogger will be 10 years old. For those of you who… uhhh… blog on Blogger, you’ve probably seen the article on Blogger Buzz. For those of you who haven’t and those that have and can’t remember, a quick recap:

But we want to know more — we want to hear from you about what Blogger has meant to you over the past decade

The last 10 years? Woo, that’s a long time. Crikey, I’d be in my 20s and what a time that was. Let’s move on eh? 🙂 Looking at the calendar today, in another few months, it’ll be around 10 years since I came out to the ever lovely Mrs Jones. A post for another day perhaps? 🙂

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t get the blogging thing first off the bat. Lots of people had a home page (GeoCities, remember them? Well, they’re closing up in October of this year) but I never did. I guess being a stay at home trans person, at least back then, I was still coming to terms with who I was and I didn’t have much that I wanted to say. I think I was concentrating on keeping it together and worrying what would happen if I was found out… either home, work or somehow on-line. It took a while for that fear to drop, but there’s only so long you can be at 2 minutes to midnight and keep that worry going.

Skip on a few years and things have changed. I’d heard of blogging but I think the first TG blogs I read were either from either Jo or Becky. A diary is one thing, but a blog? A lot more interactive, but not the scrum that can be a proper forum. I suppose the idea rumbled around my subconscious for a while and I decided I’d join in too. It certainly wasn’t a ‘I can do better’ vibe, but more… I wanted in. I wanted to talk, to get things off my chest (Ed: other than the tit tape) and really… to connect with people like me. I’m just a regular married guy with two lovely kids and a top wifey… I just happen to have this side of me that likes pretty things and I like to get dressed up and get out. 🙂

To actually answer the question about what Blogger’s meant: it’s more than one thing. It’s helped me be who I am now. I’ll skip on the Newton quote (Ed: the shoulders of giants?), but through reading and talking with other bloggers, it’s helped me find peace with who (or what) am I. That and the help from my dear wife.

I’ve also had the good fortune to meet up with some cool people through this web 2.0 contraption: Maddie, Sam, Sandi, Sarah, John, John II 🙂 … to name but a few. Then there’s the people I only know through email and you dear reader. Kinda weird, having friends that you only know via your inbox 🙂

I hope that in some way, any TG folk who may be struggling, can look at what’s been recorded on this blog and learn from it. The message, if there is one, is if I can do it, so can you.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: The Boy Does Nothing by Alesha Dixon ]


  1. I used to have a page on Geocities, though due to shame and embarrasment I took it down. There was no fear of getting caught because I had no pictures and my stories were common amongst many crossdressers.

    You're right, blogging has a way of forcing you to get your feelings out, to rant, to rave or whatever. It's been an amazing factor in my life thus far.

    – Jessica

  2. This is a wonderful world that we can all use in learning so many things; those who think it "not real" have no idea at all…

    Friends are where we find them!


  3. I enjoyed your brief recollection of the last 10 years. I was struggling heavily with who I am in my 20's as well. Never in a million years back then would I have ever considered putting my fem-side on the internet. I did have a GeoCities site for a while – nothing cd/tg related though.

    I fully accept who I am now, and in fact, LOVE being this way! 🙂 It's been very informative and interesting reading about other cd/tg folks in their blogs and online communities. It was so liberating when I finally broke out of my (digital) shell and allowed Gabrielle to go online and interact with other cd's! Wish I had the guts to dig into this stuff 10 years ago – it may have helped me figure things out much sooner in my life.

    Thanks for sharing, Lynn. 🙂

  4. Jo and Becky's blogs were among the first I found, it was through varying degrees I found others each with their own unique perspective but with many threads of commonality.

  5. Jessica: No worries about the 'Internet Way Back Machine' then? 🙂 Mind you, I tried finding a old (and now dead) site and it failed, so I think your secrets are safe 😀

    Alan: How very true!

    Gabrielle: Glad you enjoyed the short version and thanks for your comments.

    10 years eh? How the world has changed!

    Lucy: While there is commonality, each person's story (and life) is slightly different. I guess that's what keeps it fresh.

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