“And it’s 95 degrees in the shade…”


I can’t put it any other way other than: blimey, it’s hot. I suppose I could say Scorchio, but that’s an old Brit TV gag 🙂 Mind you, there’s always Google and YouTube.

I tell you what, I was glad I was at work this week… at least some of it has air con! I don’t mind a bit of sun, but regular days of 30C (Ed: not the bra size) just do me in and I bet the kids wouldn’t have liked being couped up in the car nor being daubed with sunscreen until they looked like they’d been rolled in evaporating goose fat.

I suppose for those of you from hotter places will be scoffing at my inability to take temps beyond 28c. Dammit, Jim, I’m a Englishman, not a jungle explorer! 😉 If it’s much warmer were you are, please let me know. It may even give me some perspective!

The office has been hot and many folks – well, gents to be precise – have forsaken the shirt and tie. Shorts are now on the cards and I’ve given up on long trousers until the temperature drops to a more typical British mid 20s.

Strappy vests seem to be the order of the day for the ladies at work. While part of me – the trans part I guess – has a slight twinge of jealousy over women’s seemingly endlessly more varied wardrobe. V cute shorts and gladiators for one, but not with my hairy pins. 😉 At the same time, I’d kinda glad I don’t have to worry about what the fashion mags pump out at this time of year. Bikini diets, fan tans, the war on body hair, etc.

I’ve read in a few places that if Climate Change was going to occur, we can look forward – not quite the words I’d have used – to seeing British summers very much like the shake and bake of 2003. While I like the blue skies, I’m not keen on the temperatures. That said, part of me wonders how the work clothing would adapt for men. I notice that many delivery drivers and postmen / postladies….

actually, that sounds a bit TS doesn’t it? 😛

… now wear shorts. Will we see the equivalent of City Shorts for men? Mind you, a few companies have been trying hard to flog tights for men, so as markets shrink, I suppose it’s only natural.

Here’s to a cooler weekend!

Take care

[ Today’s lyric: Girls Aloud with Long Hot Summer ]


  1. Today the temperature was about 85F. The coolest it's been all week. 🙂

    Shorts? Check. T-shirts? Check. Sandals? Check. Sitting on the deck, pretending to work (because I can't see the screen in the glare of the sun)? Check. Go for a looooong motorcycle ride, because that's a good way to cool down? CHECK!

    And we had an earthquake to remind us the planet ain't as solid as we'd like to think it is. 🙂 (An earthquake? In southern Jersey? Yeah, the epicenter wasn't that far away!)

    I wouldn't mind, but San Francisco has far better weather, and is so much fun! It's been a year since I was there. I need another visit. I wonder if the Mrs will let me out of her sight for another 4 or 5 weeks? Hmm. Probably not. 🙂

    Carolyn Ann

  2. Carolyn Ann: Provided you can keep going on the bike, it's a nice way to cool off. Not so good when you have to stop at the lights though 🙂

    SF? Seemed nice enough, although San Diego was more my scene. I'd let you visit though 😛

  3. Well speaking from the future its a lot cooler.
    If they do flog tights to men i'm sure the marketing dept will brand them by putting man of guy in the title like manbag etc.

  4. Oh Lynn…you would adapt but clothing would not change so much. I live in the sizzling hot from April through October this year. 90 degrees is "cool" for July. People still dress the same in the office. The big change will come through air conditioning. Clothes the same (except it is acceptable not to wear panty hose if it's over 70degrees outside)but you'll stay inside in what must feel a lot like igloos. Cheers!

  5. Lucy: The future's cooler? That Tango for that. 😀

    LOL. Not so much hosiery but hisiery ? 🙂

    T.C.G: Ooo, that's far too hot. So just a quick sauna between car and office then? I'll stick with the fog and the rain, thanks 🙂

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