“What were skies like when you were young?”

Hello gentle readers,

Earlier in the week I had the pleasure of eating my lunch under pale blue sky in a local park. I sat quietly on a bench enjoying the view. My telephone was set to silent and I had nothing to rush back to the office for. Just me, a tasty sandwich, the distant rush of traffic and the soft whisper of a breeze. I could hear birdsong as I’d switched off my MP3 player. It was one of those cherished moments of calm that, if you’re lucky, find you.

What made it all the more enjoyable is that I hadn’t gone looking for it. I could have quite easily walked back to work, caught the bus or gone window shopping. Instead, I found my feet taking me along a route I’d never taken, a spur of the moment thing if you like. I sat with my thoughts just enjoying the greenry of the place, the rise of Spring out from Winter. The blue sky reminded me of childhood memories. The ones where the weather is idealised from memory: perfect summer sky, snow or lashing with rain.

My lunch finished, I dusted the crumbs from my suit and looked out over the park. A few people passed by, each one in their own thoughts. As I stood, I wondered how much of ‘now’ my son will remember. With the thought of my kids in my head, I dropped my litter in the bin (Ed: so middle class!) and set off back to the office.

Lyric: The Orb’s Little Fluffy Clouds.


  1. Sounds very relaxing. Sadly the only place near my office where you can sit is the common, and there’s usually skaters and kids that really should be at school hanging around smoking 🙁

    I always like guessing the song lyric before reading. I got this one from the feed. Great tune.

  2. Those are the moments that seem to magically make a weeks worth of futile, empty or useless hours worthwhile.

    Your son will remember hopefully, everything worth rembembering, and hopefully forget all of the rest. 🙂

  3. Pandora > I don’t mind skaters or kids provided they’re not smoking near me or causing a fuss. Sometimes on the way home on the bus I’ll hear them talking – proper conversation as opposed to the banter we sometimes sit behind – and it makes me smile. Generation TXT may be tech savvy, but they’re not so different from the teenagers of the current Dad generation. 🙂

    Well done for guessing the lyric, they can be a bit obscure sometimes and it’s not easy from just one line.

    Emma > Yes, work was pretty empty that week. A bit of serendipity does you good. It makes you appreciate the real things in life. Not reports or targets.

    Fingers crossed for the happy memories.

  4. We all need those quiet, magic moments, but I guess so many just inadvertently squeeze them out of our hectic schedules. Shame.

  5. Hi Lynn, apologies for being all scientific amidst this romantic whimsy, but re your sons memories.

    We recall things which are one time events that may be louder, brighter and scarier or happier than usual.

    So yell at your kid everyday and he won’t remember it, do it once and he’ll never forgive you!

    This is the twisted translation of the scientific theory! But I am sure some parents will relate to the injustice of what IS remembered.

    Make a point of occassionally loudly and brightly telling your son how fabulous he is rather than daily and he’ll treasure that moment. Perhaps wrap the moment up in a trip out to reinforce it some more.

    Off now to go put my tip into practice (that would be second one not the first)


    Leah x

  6. In the “old” building we built cars in I was on the 2nd floor and at one point had the freedom to be able to slip out onto the roof to enjoy the sunset in the evenings…as I retire I am looking forward to enjoying them again!

    Glad you found a few moments respite!


  7. Leah > Nah, ‘science’ away misses. 🙂 I’m surprised looking back at the seemingly random collection of childhood memories. I can remember going to my first school. Having read a bit about memory, it’s more like that I have two or three core words and the rest of the memory is filled in by my imagination.

    Time out with the kids can be great. They love it and you get to make a complete fool of yourself too. All good clean family fun! 🙂

    Alan > There’s a certain amount of pleasure in sneaking a moment out of work to just enjoy the view!

    As to retirement, well, if you’ve grandkids, you may never be busier!! 🙂

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