“Get out of clothes time…”

Hey peeps,

How’re tricks? All good I hope! I’ve just come in from being sat in the garden enjoying the spring weather and now I’m being distracted by Futurama on Sky Three. So much for blogging while the TVs on. (Ed: no, not that type of TV).

[ time passes ]

Okay, now the gender-bending festival featuring Coilette has ended, I can start waffling on. 🙂 I went out to Chams the other night and it was good to catch up with friends. The group decided on a logo and following last month’s *ahem* wardrobe malady, dress code and other amendments to the group’s statement is firmly on the cards. After all, we wouldn’t want Joe Public to think we’re odd or anything now would we? 🙂

The other day I caught an article that mentioned Caryn Franklin’s website/blog (remember her from The Clothes Show?). Ever curious, and let’s face it name me someone who’s not in search of quick fashion fixes, I thought I’d check it out.

There are some good tips on there but it’s the blog that caught my eye. I’m not going to ‘review’ the site because that’s not fair and quite frankly irrelevant. No, I was surprised to see how connected to some of the things a fashion writer had to say. I don’t mean this in a “oh, look at me, I’m +so+ in touch with my femme side” sh*te, but more the general – dare I say? – cynicism against the marketing of fashion. Perhaps I’m being naive, but really is there any other area of consumerism that is so heavily ‘pushed’ as fashion is? Mind you, I shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds given that I shelled out on new jeans when I’ve already got a wardrobe of clothes as is. 😀

How much do we go through in a year I wonder? In blokes clothing I buy infrequently and most of my wardrobe could be (politely) described as Surf Dad; you know: bootleg jeans, comfy trainers and ‘skate’ t-shirts (Ed: she doesn’t mean skate as in fish either). Basically the half-pipe and slippers of the 00s. 😀 On the other hand – and let’s face it I’m on a budget in terms of space, shopping time and cash flow – my female wardrobe moves much, much faster. Where does all this fast fashion end up? Charity shops? Landfill? China?

Interestingly (no really), there’s an article (on-line) at Psychologies that discusses the ‘must have it’ phenomenon that drives us. Sure, it got us out of the trees and brought us to where we are today. However, the pursuit of material wealth, does it bring us lasting pleasure?

Today’s lyric: Want you bad by The Offspring.


  1. Moving across the world brought the spotlight full bore on my own materialism. I had to make many choices about the accumulated symbols of what life had come to represent. Out of 4,000 books, I shipped only one box. Clothes were reduced to what I could contain in the flight luggage or wear on my back.
    Then there were tools, music (albums,cds & cassesttes)art, both collected & created, in equally prodigous quantities that had to be judged from an “essential” perspective. Not much survived that test in the end.
    Some choices where made for me. My garden, for instance, with the various obsessions I’d nurtured for years(espaliered fruit trees and bonzai)simply couldn’t go anywhere with me.
    I don’t regret the purge really. And I seem to have learned “something” from it,(judging from my current bookcases that are barely half full). But it does make me wonder still: How much of my sense of life has come from the investment in accumulated symbols of separate gratifications, and not from the memories of actual experiences?

  2. Moving house is one thing, but moving countries quite another! 🙂

    It’s an interesting point you make at the end – that’s not to say the other earlier bits didn’t hold my interest 🙂 – in the aquisition of goods. I do enjoy the things that I have, although the items that have memories associated with them – be that a book, music or item of clothing – mean more.

    The material trappings of technology: computer, car, camera – to me are pretty much just tools. I don’t have any sense of attachment to them per say. Sure, I have memories of what we did when owning that car, but that’s about it.

  3. The Coilette episode is fantastic! I may be imagining them, but there seem to be several “in” jokes for trannies too. 🙂

  4. Becky > It did have me chuckling in places. I wonder who’s writing for Bender, it’s not the first time he’s been in touch with him fem-bot side.

    BTW – top job on the news article.

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