“The way she feels inside,
Those thoughts I can’t deny”

Hey there,

You know how those old routines used to start with: “A funny thing happened on the way to the theatre”? Well, I had two slightly odd incidents this week… and I don’t even work in theatre. Two times where I’m glad I kept my trap shut rather than blurting out what’s rattling around my brain.

The first incident was when I dropped my lad off at school. One of the mums – clearly a working mum – had on a pair of 20s style heels. I’d put money on them being the same ones I got from New Look the Christmas before last. I’ve got a pair just like them and they are probably the comfiest high heels I’ve ever owned. Great for dancing in too. I very nearly said to the lady who I was having a conversation with: “Great shoes, I’ve got some just like that.” Luckily I didn’t!

The second time around was at work. We were sat in the canteen talking complete rubbish having a comedy time-out and a young lady strolls by in a pencil skirt and a high necked blouse. You know the sort, they’re in fashion at the mo. So my trans circuits kick-off and I nearly said: “I’m not sure about those high necked tops.” Not the sort of thing you want to say to you unaware co-workers who you’d like to keep unaware! 🙂

They say these things come in threes so I shall be watching what I’m saying for the next few days!

Take care and have a good weekend,

PS: I bought my first pair of jeans this week. Well, ladies jeans anyway. A bargain and they’ll make a change from the usual skirt or smart trousers I wear. (Ed: Looking forward to wearing trousers? Something must be wrong 🙂 )

Today’s lyric: Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects.


  1. I remeber back in the day, I used to have to suspress a huge urge to join in cconversations or compliment female colleagues on their outfits. It was one of the easiest ways to slip up!
    Its funny when I was closeted I would have never considered trousers when dressing. Now I live in trousers far mor than skirts!

  2. I hear you Lynn! I have to bite my tongue al the time. Although I have a rep as fountain of useless information, so I can at least comment on fashion and “diversity issues”.

    I did my first trannying in trousers last night! OK so they were actually faux-leather jeans, but the idea’s the same 🙂

  3. “Although I have a rep as fountain of useless information, so I can at least comment on fashion and “diversity issues”.”

    Same here. I also have a rep for being ‘in touch’ with my feminine side, so get away with various comments. People at work also know that a friend of mind is TS (someone I knew before I came out and before I knew they were T either), so they assume my knowledge of T-matters stems from that.

    Mind you, I came out to one woman at work just so that I could find out where she got her shoes 🙂

  4. Jenny > LOL. I know what you mean about complimenting female colleagues – it just doesn’t sound right coming from a chap. Ummm… not that you’re a chap now! 🙂

    Trousers – very much the staple of the modern woman’s wardrobe. I guess being a tranny means you do know that skirts are not the easiest of things to walk about in. Steep stairs, strong winds and the cold take on new meaning! 🙂

    Pandora > Seems this trousers thing is a whole TG meme that’s been bubbling under. It’ll be flat shoes next. 😀

    Rachel > Righto, so a good cover is to be a font of trivia? [makes notes]. As to coming out for shoes, that’s dedication!! 😀

    Chrissy > Nothing wrong with jeans! If the cut is good, shake that booty!!

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