“Time, time, time
See what’s become of me”

Hey y’all,

This week’s been rather busy. Consultants, conference calls and urgent meetings to resolve various issues. Today I stopped for a late lunch. Sometimes you just gotta step back and take stock, let your mind settle and give your brain time to cool off.

As I looked out of the window and out towards the greenery outside – well, as much as there can be on a cold winter’s day (hence the song lyric) – and I was reminded of my late Grandad (a keen gardener). No, this isn’t a death thing, if your mind’s jumping that way. Moreover I was reminded what my Grandad did for a living when he was my age… and how it’s pretty much been surpassed with the next wave of technology and so on.

I had a smile to myself thinking that for all the flapping and running around that I – and the team for that matter do – in years to come, it’ll all be just history and if I’m honest, probably quite irrelevant in the big swing of things. I didn’t find this a depressing thought, no far from it, I found the whole thing rather amusing. Here I am beaving away like no tomorrow when really, will tomorrow care? 🙂

Returning to the fray after the speed lunch (no, not a lunch of ‘speed’, that would be a bit dodgy at work [wink]) I found the whole mass panic easier to deal with. Sure, you do your best because that’s what you’re paid to do, but take it to heart? Nah, you don’t pay me enough to lose sleep over it. 🙂

[ Today’s lyric: Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon and Garfunkel… or The Bangles… or Bodyjar… whoever they are 😉 ]


  1. A very good point…if it’s not going to matter tomorrow should I really be “beating myself up” over it today?


    May your weekend be lovely!


  2. I’ve never subscribed to the life or death attitude that seems to go on in the workplace. It seems to get worse as technology comes up with more of those little devices and programs to get more done, so you can take on more stuff you then have to get done, but you never actually reach the point of having it all done.
    My opinion however is tainted by the fact that I refuse to have even a mobile phone for clients to gain access to me in the wee hours. I can’t comprehend how the creation of an illustration actually necessitates 24/7 access to my brain under any circumstances, to get the job done. I’ve found the reverse to be true. The more I allow crapping on about “spontaneous” (=unrelated) or “creative” (=ridiculous) ideas regarding a specific brief, the less ideas actually get developed into concrete work, of any kind.
    Besides there’s something very unladylike about taking a conference call while sitting on the lou.

  3. Emma’s attitude is a vote for sanity. I shouldn’t admit this but whether I answer a mobile call or not depends entirely on how I’m feeling at the time.

    If you can, the secret is to create space for yourself by not filling up all the hours god gives. Must take my own advice some time. 🙂

  4. Drat and double drat. I’d replying to all of your comments and I hit the wrong button…. pah, and I call myself an IT professional (Well, actually I don’t but that’s another story).

    Alan > Possibly. I guess there’s a line between not giving a hoot and caring too much.

    Emma > I think with any type of ‘thinking’ job – be that artistic, technical, etc then the less interuption the better. It takes but a moment to interupt your flow of ideas and getting back into ‘the zone’ can be very hard.

    BTW, if I do hear a mobile go off in the loo, I use the hand drier for extra time. Some places should be sacred! 🙂

    Rachel > It’s not so much ‘me time’ as giving yourself space to chill out….which you can do in company (well, some company anyhoo).

    Why should we be available 24/7? Seems a little crazy doesn’t it. It seems the modern life isn’t so much about what you have any more, but it’s about time. The lack of time in that everyone wants everything yesterday and now you cannot be ‘away’ from anyone.

    Maybe we should launch a hotel with no broadband, no TV and no mobile reception for burnt out corporates. 🙂

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