“The kids are strappin’ on their way to the classroom”

Reach for the sky! 🙂

Do you get the feeling that you’re misrepresented? Well, not personally, but where you live. Nottingham’s been my adoptive home time since the turn of the 90s and I have a soft spot for it. It’s not got the coolness of Manchester or bustle of London, but it has – at least to me – a certain charm. It’s a very young city. The two large universities keep the ‘yoof’ element topped up and the effect on the city’s nightlife, shopping and environment can’t be ignored.

It also seems that you can’t turn the page or switch on the TV without hearing the words “Nottingham” and “gun” – usually in the same breath. Given the portrial of the city in the media, you would think this is South Central LA!

“Kids going to school in Kevlar parkers kicking the empty crack vials and spent shells from last night’s rumble in the urban jungle. Mum’s packing two Nines while Dad rides point. Word! This is Nottingham where the modern day outlaws ride roughshod through our streets….”

As a famous armchair intellectual once said: My ar*e! 🙂

Now I’m not saying that Nottingham doesn’t have any crime, all major cities have their problems but it really isn’t how the place is shown on TV. Sure, our local hero is a robber, but don’t let that put you off 🙂 Compared to the larger cities, like London and Manchester, crime rates here – per X number of people are lower. Plus for all this talk of shootings and drive-bys, I’ve never seen one and I’ve lived in some sh***y areas of the city.

I guess we’re back to the old adage about a good story and the truth.

Stay safe,

[ The Offspring with Come out and play ]


  1. Here they have “sweeps weeks” that are when the local stations try to attract viewers to set their advertising rates just like the networks; you never know what kind of stories they’ll be sensationalizing for May and September…

    Having found bullet holes in my house, my garage, and the top of a truck cover, I’ll trade you anytime you’d like!


  2. Alan > where do you live? Iraq? 🙂

    We have a similar thing over here on Radio 2. There’s a call in show where the DJ – although host would be more accurate – starts off with a wildly inflamatory statement to get people to call in. I normally turn off at this point…

  3. What was it Ben Disreali said about statistics?

    It seems that Nottingham is no longer the “Gun Crime Capital” of the UK anyway, there “worse” places out there according to the latest figures.

    Like you Lynn, I have lived and worked in and around Nottingham for longer than I care to remember and have never seen any “real” crime to speak of.

    Its all lies I tells ya! 😀

  4. Hi Maddie (glad to have you back)

    I don’t know about Disreali, but I do know Vic Reeves said: “82.6% of statistics are made up on the spot.” 🙂

    Ooo. Places with higher gun crime that Nottm? Do tell!

  5. Supposedly Mark Twain’s take was that there were

    “Lies, lies, and damn statistics!”

    Urban Kansas City, KS, but not quite the “inner city”. Mixed neighborhood. It’s actually gotten better the last few years, I hear less gunfire than 10 years ago…

    There was a point when I had 3 sheets of plywood against the outer wall of the front bedroom!

    Two of those holes were shortly after New Years and I’m assuming that the dummy who fired into the air didn’t think about what was coming back down. I see a lot of that on TV as well…people firing AK’s into the air “in celebration” then a day or two later you hear about all these wounded showing up at the hospitals!


  6. Sometimes attributed to Disreali and sometimes attributed to Mark Twain (as Alan comments above)

    “there are lies, damn lies and statistics”

    Point being statistics can be interpreted in many ways and made to say whatever you want them to.

    As for places with higher gun crime than Notts, well there is Manchester for a kick of and Birmingham too. Both of which slip through the net as they are broken down into smaller areas (North Manc and South Manc for example while Brum gets chopped into suburbs, Handsworth, Stetchford, etc). Leeds is right up there too if you go by “crimes per head of population”.

    Anyhoo, don’t think we need to move up to the mountains just yet!

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