I have a favour to ask of you. One from you good people out there. The ones who are listening right now. It’s not for me. It’s for a friend. All I ask is this simple thing: think of a woman in a hippy skirt and wish her well. That’s all you need to do. No money, no voting, no direct action: just a kind thought. Someone out there (no names) needs a little luck to come her way.

Now normally, I’m among the cynics and my top lip would be heading upwards in cod Billy Idol kinda way. Not today though, not today. Y’see jaded b/tch that I am, I would like to believe, I really would. But enough about me…..

There’ll also be no clues towards the young lady in question. I do not do this from the tiresome I-know-but-cannot-say BS, but for her privacy. To those who do know, I hope you’ll honour that.



  1. One for her and one for you as well; were there more lovely souls like yours in this world life would be much happier!


  2. Magic is being able to sit down in front of this little window and find wonderful people all over this world!

    Like you!


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