“Look at you now, look at you then, see how you will be”


Hi everyone out there in t’interweb land. All sorted for Xmas yet? I braved the shops the other day (with assistance from Little Miss – who slept through it – bless!) and got a few more gifts for all and sundry. I was amused to hear Radiohead’s No Alarms being played in one of the shopping malls. It’s a great track and makes a change from the usual Xmas numbers they wheel out every year. Clearly, if you want to retire in a good Rock & Roll home, right a popular Christmas track!

With our new arrival I do find myself thinking more about the future. Or rather, the kids’ future. What will the world be like when they grow up? What’s the ‘next big thing’ after the Internet? Are we – humanity – at the height of our game (as some suggest) or can we go further? What will they be like? Sometimes I have fleeting daydreams of the kids grown up – well, in teenage dirtbag / goth-esq mode anyhoo. I also wonder if they may want kids? Who can say. I just hope we’re around to find out.

Dad! We’re not goths – that sooo 19th cen!! Can I have three euros for the bus…? Please!!” 🙂

From a me-me-me point of view I never imagined I’d be where I am now. Married? Possibly although I doubted anyone would want a gent with *ahem* certain a hobby. Luckily, I’ve been proven wrong and things are going great. Job-wise I kinda blundered into what I do professionally but I could have done a lot worse. For all the occasional moaning I may do, I quite like my job and the people I work with are a good bunch. Socially, I get out to see friends and I still have ‘me time’ despite family commitments. Hell, I still manage the odd trip out in trans mode…

BTW, ‘en femme’. Some folk like the term, some hate it. Do you think the French say: “la semaine dernière je suis sorti ‘like a bird'”? 🙂 PS: blame BabelFish for the translation – my French is terrible!

Have a good weekend!

[ Lyric: The Devil You Know by Jesus Jones ]


  1. Sometimes I wonder how many of us look back across the years and wonder how we got where we are. I have a tatoo on my arm from when I was 18, in Hong Kong, and knew I wouldn’t live to be 21. I did try to live up to that expectation, too!

    Now, turning 52 in a few weeks, I look back at the proverbial “long, strange trip” and wonder what the view will be like from 82!

    May life bring you continued happiness, success, and amazement!


  2. Thanks Alan. Perhaps its better that we forget some of the things we got up to 😉

    52? So how does it feel to look back at to your crazy youth period?

  3. First off, congratulations are your life’s new addition. Despite all the work, sleepless nights, etc.children add so much to life. And it takes you out of the me-me-me mode so effortlessly, painlessly…at least it did for me. I never expected how far into my life being a parent would extend.
    Looking back seems to be a natural process after a certain point. I don’t really do it consciously, but it happens more and more often. All of a sudden there’s a moment that I’d forgotten, in full sensaround color playing out in my mind. It reminds me how rich my life has been, something that’s not always apparent day to day.
    I’m not where I thought I’d be when I daydreamed about the future at age seventeen. But then despite having all this feeling then (at seventeen) of what I felt was the possibility and potential of life, the possibilities I could actually envision didn’t include very much.
    I was going to make the whole world better! Instead, the world made me better, sometimes inspite of myself. I’d have to say I got the better deal. 🙂

  4. Hi Anon. Thanks for sharing. I loved your end comment about the world changing you for the better. There’s a very interesting way of looking at things.

    Having kids does change you: it changes your social life, your relationship and as you point out, it changes you too. To be honest I found it a bit of a shock at the start – perhaps we’d had too long to start to get settled? – but each day brings something new. I think you appreciate your own time more and also the time you have with your children. They are a lot of fun and very rewarding.

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