“And these few precious days I’ll spend with you…”

Hi there,

As per the English custom I feel I should first comment on the weather: blimey it’s freezing. No, literally, it is zero degrees at the mo. Sure, we’ve a way to go until the UK reaches some of the scarier lower temperatures that the US and other northern climes do… but I was glad of my thermal leggings today 🙂

More tea?

But enough about the weather eh? I was going to go for the lyric “no cure for the itch” (answers on a postcard if you know the track) which normally would be the case with dark nights and wanting to dress up. It’s funny – and also quite useful – that I’m not feeling that ‘itch’ right now.

Sure, I still look at clothes while pushing the buggy about and I did feel a slight twinge as H. got ready for a night out with the girl’s earlier in the week. Still, it’s nice to step away from the whole dressing up thing once in a while. I’ve had my fun (Xmas party) and I’ve been out most of the year too.

It’s good just to pop out with the girls (so to speak) for a cup of tea and a chat (complete with perhaps the youngest person to visit the group [wink]). No need to get fully dolled up and all the fun and games that involves. Sometimes it is enough just to be with like minded friends.

I do wonder if it – the going out – will get less as the kid’s get older. Who can say and really, should I worry? Worrying about it isn’t going to stop it happening and so far so good.

The Press

Talking of opportunities, Sandi posted a message from the media who were looking for TG folk to interview for a ‘positive view’ on transgenderism. Out of curiosity, I replied. Hell, it’s only an email and I was interested to find out more.

You do get the odd TG focused article in magazines / the papers and some are better than others. I offered my story – such that it is – because maybe TG folk out there struggling a little may find that it’s not all bad news.

It’s not about fame and fortune, it’s about getting a message out there that being trans is not always bad. Bad for the individual or their partner. Sure, there are difficult moments, but that’s life. It wouldn’t be ‘good’ if it wasn’t ‘bad’ from time to time. Blimey, sage wisdom eh? Guess I’ve had too many fortune cookies this week. 🙂

So armchair pop wisdom aside. the gig is off. The deal says the journo is this: no photo, no story. Uh-uh. Nope. Family privacy. That’s my deal… and as the Transporter says: Rule #1. Never change the deal. 🙂

Best be off, Little Miss wants a bottle…. of milk before you wags make a gag about ‘gin’ 🙂

Take care,

[ Lyric: September Song by The Young Gods ]


  1. Hi Lynn

    The reporters response doesnt surprise me at all.

    Was lovely to welcome the youngest ever visitor to NotChams, little miss is certainly a little sweetheart – I think you are going to have to keep a close eye on her when she gets older!!!!

    Have a great Christmas and dont spoil the little ones too much


  2. reporters response

    I was hoping for better, but when the word ‘story’ jumped out of the email alarm bells went off. I’d like to think that we – the great unwashed, the public – are a bit more than a story. To some, perhaps not. 🙂

    I think LM took it all in her stride – which bits she was awake for. 🙂 “Put that lippy down, missy – that’s a posh one.” 😀

    Xmas? I’ll try not to [Ed: liar, liar!] and I hope you and yours have a good Christmas too!

  3. You may recall that some time ago I was asked if I’d like to be interviewed for my (then)local paper. I was offered the choice of a photograph or a silhouette. Not particularly wanting either, I declined.
    I think you did the right thing.

  4. I like the movie reference, and think it’s spot on as well!

    I’m not sure there are leggings thick enough for the cold for my old bones!

    And the first wag to make that gag I’m aware of was W.C. Fields. His use of it in reference to Baby LeRoy may or may not have been a gag, as Fields claimed the kid was upstaging him…


  5. Chrissy > Y’know I do remember reading that now you mention it. Best play it safe eh? 🙂 How’s things with you? Sorted for Xmas?

    Alan > Thanks. Maybe you should get some of those electric heated one for Christmas. 🙂 As to Fields – didn’t he famously spike the child actor’s milk with booze? Evil…. but very funny. 🙂

  6. Yes, gin…

    Personally I’d think there are probably better things now…coffee brandy or something, but as I recall that was during Prohibition, so he used what he had!


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