“We plan all kinds of fabulous things”

Hi non-specific genderforms, 🙂

How’s you? All good I hope.

Life seems to be picking up speed at the mo. Lots of things happening at home and at work at the moment. It’s making the days fly by. I’m sure Xmas will soon be upon us. I’m surprised that the year has gone so fast.

Poor Mrs Jones wasn’t 100% yesterday, so loving husband that I am, I bailed on my trip out to Chams and stayed in to keep an eye on her. It’s funny how the ‘drive’ takes you really. Some weeks you really need to get dolled up and go out with the girls. Other times, like yesterday luckily, I could take it or leave it. I’m not bored with going, far from it, indeed I try to go when I can because you never know if Something Big ™ may come along and you have you leave all your glad-rags (and the handbags?) stashed away until next month. So, I still haven’t tried that new mascara, but there’s time yet eh? Some minor news is that I bought some stick-ins heel grips for my posh heels (very office-y) and now they don’t slip off. A lady – even a part time one – has to have shoe variety y’know 🙂

Talking of socialising, the Chams Christmas Do isn’t far away. Given the commitments to work and otherwise, we have our Xmas party a little earlier in the year. I’m not complaining, it gives you chance to make a slot in your diary and you’re less likely to clash with the school play or a works outing. To those of you fairly local, do you think you may pop along? I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it this year as the last one was a blast. I had a crack at designing a ticket for the group, but I’ve just found out we’re not using them this year. Maybe I should stick to providing the music! 🙂 Music – like comedy – is a very personal thing and while I may have a great night dancing away to 80s pop, you have to try and make sure that you cater for more than just yourself… apparently. 🙂

That’s my personal guff out of the way. Sorry there are no deep insights into the soul this evening, but you can’t have it all can you. Besides, everyone needs a night off once in a while! Perhaps it’s a good thing not having to sit navel gazing and searching your soul for your raison d’être. Perhaps it means I’m content. Hell, I sure don’t ponder why I love chocolate so much 🙂 Contentment; contentment is good.

[ Lyric: Bombs by Faithless ]


  1. Yes, contentment is good! Also rare in this life; enjoy every second!

    Hope your Mrs. is feeling better soon! It’s the time of year the bugs start going ’round; where I work you can see them pass down the assembly line just like the cars…


  2. Hi Alan,

    Contentment. Best to bask in it’s warm cosy embrace whenever you can. You’ve got to be careful you don’t drift into ‘smug b*stard’ though. 🙂

    Mrs Jones is much better thank you. Some tea and sympathy seemed to do the job.

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