“On they fight, for they are right, yes, but who’s to say?”


How you keeping? Good?


For those of you outside the UK, tonight is the annual BBC charity, Children in Need. There’s a lot of folk asking for money these days. For Africa, for the homeless, for the elderly. The list of people who need help seems to be endless. I don’t give to all causes but I do when I have an emotional attachment to (if that makes any sense).

In my 20s I’d find the whole TV charity + entertainment thing a bit cheesy and I had little time for it. Fast forward a few years (Ed: you mean a decade and the rest) and life has given me a few curve balls. Life is precious and it seems – and if you’ll forgive the cliche – the one thing you can be certain of is uncertainty. You really don’t know what could happen to you the next day. Unemployment, death, homelessness, etc. It’s very easy to slip from the have, to the have not.

Dark thoughts aside, I do think I’m lucky. I’m lucky to be here, to have a family, to have my heath and not to live in fear. I don’t worry about where my next meal is coming from and I don’t have to walk 5 miles to get water (as Tracey might say). I live in a time where my skills are actually useful, God only knows what I’d have done if computers hadn’t have been invented. I have minor blips, but really, I have it easy. So, faced with a few spare bob in my pocket, I do hand it over to people who’d aren’t quite a lucky as I am. It’s not much, but if we all gave a little, it may help someone.

Last week there was a 2 minute silence to on Remembrance Sunday. I was driving along at the time, but I flicked off the CD and put on the radio. Somewhat ironic really, putting the radio on to listen to the silence. I found it rather haunting. None of the recent generations of Jones have been to war (we’re all very engineery. Bombs, tanks, radio, WMDs, Office 2003, etc) but I do remember visiting my Gran’s Dad’s grave in France. All those crosses lined up. It was a warm day, a cheery blue sky, but the place had real weight to it. I won’t say ‘ghosts’ because that wasn’t the feeling… it was more that under each cross, someone had died. Some one’s dad, brother or son. Funny, but that image comes to me whenever I see news items about Iraq… or when I see an advert for the military. I suppose it’s easy to sit here and say ‘war is bad’ – but then from the other angle, what if it’s your only choice. Again, we’re back to luck. Maybe I’ll never need to make that choice.


On a slightly cheerier note, I popped into the newly done up Asda earlier in the week. I picked up a few bits and bobs for the Xmas Do. Hopefully I’ve got my outfit sorted out now. With a bit more luck – and no last minute surprises (sssh – more on that next time) – I shall go to the ball. I hope it’s as good as last years.

Stay safe,

[ Today’s lyric: For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica. ]


  1. Hi lynn

    well it all started to go pear shaped with the caterer being off long term sick. But weve managed to sort something out – so you girls wont go hungry.

    The thing we are struggling with is numbers – we havent a clue how many are coming along – but you know us the more the merrier.

    If anyone hasnt been to NotChams before – party night would be a great time to come along and make your ‘debut’ so to speak.

    As for topping last year – well if someones got winter wonderland – we can do that as the finale – again – lol.

    No Kareoke this year though!! but thats not to say folks cant have a sing along.

    take care and hope you make it


  2. May you or your children or our grandchildren not be faced with that choice…

    Glad you are looking forward to the holidays!


  3. Sandi > I think you’ll do fine with the catering. You know how people pick at the food – we seemed to have quite a bit left over last year. I guess you could always pad it out (oo-er) with snacks if the hordes do descend upon us.

    I’ll second that recommendation to going to Chams! 🙂

    Alan > I hope so too, Alan…. and yours too for that matter. Y’know I’ve been reading your blog and a couple of posts (esp. the floor stripping one) made me stop and think. I’ll get round to replying one day. 🙂

  4. Sometimes I’m afraid of the reaction I may draw when I post something like that, but so far I’ve been very lucky…

    I guess I’ll find out Thursday whether my sister read it or not!

    You are most welcome anytime!


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