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Howdy y’all,

Good week? I hope so.

Customer Service

Earlier the week I returned some shoes that I’d bought from a well known high street shop (they just didn’t fit right). I’d had them in the cupboard for over a month, so really they didn’t have to give me my pennies back – just a credit note. Anyhoo, the young lady behind the counter and I got talking – just about complete nonsense while the supervisor rang her back. A polite manner and a smile seemed to do the trick and she was kind enough to skip on the credit note and splash the cash. That was rather handy as it went towards some new foundation from Boots. BTW, no news on the Boots 360 degree mascara, I’ve not had a change for a test drive yet.


There must be something in the air for November. Firstly, Becky and Jane got married (good luck you two lovebirds!) then I read that Penny had celebrated 25 years of marriage with her lovely wife. To paraphrase what Penny wrote, it’s not possible to distill the ‘story so far’ down into one blog post. For H & I – hmmm, sounds like a shop (Ed: No, that’s H & M you n00b) – it’ll be 10 lovely years. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried but there have been many more good times than bad ones…. The TG thing didn’t go down too well (it could have been worse!), but we worked through it. Here’s to many more decades together!

PS: Yes, I did buy her something to mark the occasion, and yes I did deliberate of what for sometime. But, I’m trans, so sometimes I have a little more clue than your average Joe as to what H likes. Let’s just say diamonds *are* a girl’s best friend. 🙂

On that note of high camp, I’m outta here. Take care!

[ Lyric: Nat King Cole (although others have had a go) with Let’s Face The Music And Dance ]


  1. Not many can match Nat…nice to know someone else remembers him! (Though Diana Krall’s tribute to him is damn fine as well!)

    That having a bit more clue must be awfully handy…

    May the decades continue happily!

    Happy anniversary!


  2. Congratulations Lynn and Mrs. Lynn! 10 years is quit an achievement these days.
    Myself and Mrs. Maddie made it 9 years last month.

    If I had shoes that were the wrong size, methinks eBay would have been bought into play. I’m usually too big a scaredy cat to buy the damn things, never mind take them back again! Well done Lynn.

  3. Alan > He’s [Nat] got a wonderful voice. There’s something about it that cuts through the hubub of a room when he sings.

    Emma > Thank you! I think it’s easy for partners to shut down when they feel hurt. Yet, as you say, working through it keeps you going. I don’t know what I do without H. if I’m honest.

    Maddie > Thanks, Maddie. Only one more year to go for you and Mrs Maddie until ‘tin’ (or ‘modern’ diamond?).

    The shoes fit, they just weren’t very comfy – absolutely no flex to them at all. Completely unlike the ones I got from New Look (which – if I may say – look devine and feel great on). Funny, the lady at the desk did say ‘Too small for you?’. I said ‘yes’ as dry comment and that was that.

  4. Knowing way too much of that era, the man actually didn’t want to sing; he didn’t think he could!

    He was an excellent pianist; if you dig up a disc of the Nat Cole Trio you’ll be amazed!

    Oddly, Diana Krall did a wonderful tribute to him, is a stunning pianist, and also doesn’t think she can sing…


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