“Guaranteed and bonafide,
a genuine white knuckle ride”

All aboard? 🙂

I’ll skip the usual noise about 80 mph weeks – it’s getting to be passe isn’t it? 🙂 I must confess I’ve had just a wee bit too much whisky this evening, so I would like to apologise for any inanity that may spring forth. Blimey, tipsy and in charge of a keyboard. Oh the shame of it! (Ed: Stay with us Lynn. Don’t do an Amy on us).

Donald, where’s your trousers?

Thursday I was out at Chams and it was great just to meet up with the girls for a bit of a chat. No disco lights or quiz of the week this time. Just good company and a chance to be a little bit more glamours that usual. I wore my new trousers – yes, trousers (so sue me) – new heels (New Look), plain white top and my favourite long blue wrap cardy. Okay, so while I did have black trousers on, they were bootleg velvet ones. Not exactly your typical bloke trooz. It’s kinda fun experimenting with different looks. Despite charging the camera and putting it on the hall table, I forgot to put it in my bag. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it did all happen. 🙂


Talking of ‘looks’ I was in town on Thursday and I was surprised to see another key ‘uniform’ amongst young women. It made me smile for a few reasons. Firstly, the look is quite late 80s – short denim skirt, boots and black opaque tights. What made me smile is that as a teenage boy I really wanted that look. Now that they’ve come back in, I’m not bothered. I guess I focus more on what women my age wear.

It’s not like I have a whole wodge of cash to blow on clothes, but I try to avoid anything too transient. It’s not like I can shell out for new clothes just because the fashionistas say so. I think it’s important not be too out of fashion, but some trends can be safely ignored as they just flash by.

The Smoke

I had a bit of a trip down memory lane the other week. I was sat in traffic with the window down watching the autumn leaves tumble through the sky. The soft scent of woodsmoke floated into the window, I think someone was having an early bonfire. I’ve blogged (is that a word?) about memory and smells before and as with that incident, the smell took me back to my childhood. Cold nights, a warm fire, cinder toffee and sparklers. Funny how just one scent can trigger so many memories.

Xmas XS!

Sandy was saying that the Chams Christmas do may need to be re-scheduled and I’m cool with that. I think that it’s important to make sure that plenty of people can come along! If you’re planning on visiting us, please do keep an eye on the Chameleons web site.

[ Today’s lyric is Twenty four minutes from Tulse Hill by Carter, the Unstoppable Sex Machine. ]


  1. There are the trends that just flash by; then the ones that exist in a time of their own and go on forever!

    Somehow, I think you can pull off either!


  2. Alan > Thanks, honey. 🙂 Trends? Well some are so good you can’t keep them down. They hang around for months and come back again year on year (or so it seems).

    As to ‘pulling off’ – well not everything suits everyone. There are some clothes I wished suited me, but they don’t. But, hey, you can’t have it all can you. 🙂

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