“The time has come to make your break..”

A rare midweek post today. The other day I caught this little nugget in the paper: “…more kids who are cross-dressers and who, Penn says brightly, ‘are triggering a large, new tolerance movement in schools and communities’.

It’s from Microtrends by Mark Penn and I am rather curious as to where he gets the information for that. Subject to time – and perhaps a burst of sudden activity – I may have a flick through Penn’s book on the subject. Sadly the on-line article doesn’t give any more detail on the quote. However, in addition to Rachel’s comments on a previous post – which you may be able to summarise into ‘trans good news’ – I think this wee phrase fits into that category nicely.

So, not only do we – TG folk that is – have a growing on-line presence which I am hopeful gives people help and courage to find themselves a little sooner, but it also looks like the next generation are just getting out there are doing it. How cool is that? Go, go TG Rangers! 😀

[ Lyric: Swing Out Sister’s Breakout ]


  1. It would be nice to see this intolerance go the way of so many others!

    Thank you for the post as well; it was a treat to find you here mid-week!


  2. Emma > Let’s hope so… on both parts! 🙂

    Alan > Given time I think it will go that way. Certainly many of us can walk down the street with few issues. They’ll always be the folk who don’t like (insert minority here) but hopefully they’ll drop back as society turns its back on them.

    As to the mid-week post, normally I’m a Friday night blogger, but on occasion I have a little extra to share.

  3. I was only thinking about this subject last week, when I discovered my eldest daughter’s boyfriend buys womens tops and trousers from amongst others, Primark. And, yes, he wears them as well.

    His reason? He likes the brighter colours of womens clothing.

    Having said that he doesn’t mince about in skirts, wigs and high heels.

    But even so, it’s all good news on the tolerance front.

    My daughter didn’t think it was any big deal. It came up because my partner commented that she recognised one of his t-shirts was a primark one for women.

    It certainly seems as if the young, or some of them anyway, don’t carry attitude towards TG/Gender issues.

    Roll on a more tolerant society – that’s what I say, Hugh.

  4. Rachel > If he looks good in them, go for it. Interesting that he’s going for colour. Saying that tho, how many guys do you know with a pink shirt and matching tie?

    he doesn’t mince about in skirts…

    Well, he should do. It’s great fun! 🙂 And if you can chuck in some Girls Aloud tunes too – it doesn’t get much better 😀

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