“You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life”

Hey Cool Cats,

How’s tricks?

Blimey what a storming night the party was the other night! Given that we had so many birthdays this month, the group decided on having a bit of a do (as they say locally). The theme was Blitz & Glitz – so cue 40s swing tunes and a bit of Glenn Miller.

I’d thought about getting a 40s outfit together but really I didn’t have anything that was that suitable. In the end, I opted for my old (90s) red party dress, the trusted black lacy cardy (looks better than it sounds) and my dancing shoes.

Sandi & co had provided a very cool looking birthday cake – complete with pink heels. That cake, not Sandi that is. That was a fabby chocolate number and very tasty it was too. Anne-Louise & Tina had provided disco lights which helped set the party mood. Annime was kind enough to give me (and the other birthday birds) a choccy bar. This was completely unexpected and very gratefully received! I must have been 21 again (Ed: pants on fire!) because Sandy handed over a key to the cupboards. Ooo, inner circle eh? Clearly all that table stacking has paid off. I’ll be hunting for biscuits later in the week. 😉

After a bit of a chat, some snap (Ed: she means some food) and some more cake, we cranked the MP3s up and we had a bit of an 80s /90s disco. Okay, so I did have to dance on my own (Ed: bloody show off) but after a while a few ladies joined in. And before you ask, yes we did dance around the handbags for a laugh. Oh the irony. 🙂 It was nice to see a few new faces – both TG folk and partners.

I now sit her typing this up listening to the same tunes as last night with fond memories; people having a good time and smiles all around. Good times indeed. I have a slight twingle of back ache from dancing in heels, but it’s good pain right?. 🙂 Honestly, it’s probably the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on for some time.

Useless bird that I am, I didn’t get any photos off so we’ll have to see what other folks managed to shoot. Stay tuned on the Chams forum for information. 🙂

[ No prizes for guessing today’s lyric. 🙂 ]


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