“But you’re knock knock knocking again, boy”


How’s you? Good I hope. Me? Oh, I’m good…. Glad it’s the weekend that’s for sure. This week has gone by in a flash. I’m pretty sure I can remember Monday and after that it’s a blur of events. So, what’s been going off?

To start with, I got a year older… at least physically. That was nice. 🙂 Jelly, ice-cream and a sing-song around a cake. All good stuff. Cards, family time and some lovely presents.

My t-powers [/irony] seem to be building back up, so I did what most trans folk do: I went shopping. I managed to find two new pairs of fabby new heels – although I’ve yet to give them a road test (Ed: that’d be an interesting Top Gear). I had my eye on trying some skinny jeans, but as the fashion mantra suggests, if you were old enough to wear it the first time around: think twice. Well, I tried them on because I’ve seen a few ladies about town looking very cool in them. However, they’re not to be for me. To start with, most places I went into didn’t do a long enough leg. Those that did, well, they didn’t do much to flatter my shape (such that it is). Maybe I’ll try some bootlegs next time around. Talking of clothes that don’t flatter – high waisted trousers are (back) in.

Besides a few things to wear I popped into Boots to pick up one of those make-up DVDs they’ve been giving away. There was also some nice stay-put lippy + sparkly gloss from Maybelline, so I picked up one of those too. Seeing as the DVDs were free, I picked up two spare ones in case anyone from NottsChams wants a copy.

On a slight sad note, my computer has just karked it (so this post is thanks to the very old 333 running Linux). Righto, best get the screwdriver and the backup disks out.

Take care,

[ Lyric from Girls Aloud Sexy (No No No). Discotastic? Gloriously kitsch? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! 🙂 ]


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!
    If shopping is generally an accepted indication of feminine levels, I’m afraid mine have been flatlined for some years now. I tend to respond to it as a necessary evil at best. During the days of male performance in suits, I’d only go once a year,kept all choices in the “classic” category, and bought everything at once (there were two very large men’s clothiers to choose from) for complete wardrobe upgrades. It usually involved an 8 hour day, at the end on which I was exhausted.
    Some of that mindset lingers still. It doesn’t help that fashion choices are rather limited around Adelaide in general.

    Sorry to hear about the demise of your computer. Even with the best BU practices, I find it’s still an ordeal to get back up and running.

  2. Thanks Emma. I’m not so sure shopping = femininity. Sure, the pursuit of fashion seems to be the stereotypical domain of women, I don’t think that’s the case. Shopping for clothes, maybe, but I know a few blokes who’ll spend as much time in the technology section. 🙂

    As to Adelaide’s shopping facilities, some cities are more consumer orientated than others. Luck of the draw I guess. Nottingham’s quite a ‘young’ city (the massive number of students) and I think that makes it a bit of a shopping Mecca.

  3. a bit of a shopping Mecca.

    We all tend to get “spoiled” by things we take for granted. NYC had such diverse shopping that it will always be hard for somewhere else to muster up to. Adelaide actually isn’t as bad as my nostalgia makes it feel at times. The airport has been expanding at a tremendous rate to allow alot more international flights, which in turn encourages more diversity in local economies. Still, Adelaideans are well over the conservative line in fashion. Every retail area has the same core shops, every shop the same cuts and colors.

    Men can be quite a bit worse than women about shopping and fashion, particularly in the higher income brackets. I handled the advertising for the second largest men’s clothier in The Us thru the 1970s. The annual advertising budget was $850,000 for print media alone for a single retail location. The “average gentleman” typically spent an “average sum” of $1200 per visit!

  4. Hi Lynn

    save a copy of the dvd for a certain someone wont you.

    Didnt have it in at our local branch.

    see you thursday


    ps – party time

  5. My wife assured me low waistlines were in fashion, which I’m not keen on, but now that my fashion consultant says high waistlines are I’ll point her to your blog. 😉

    Hippy Birdie two ewes, BTW.

    Another year younger I take it.

  6. Emma > It’s all a question of scale isn’t it? Some folks will spend a mint on an outfit, others no more than a few bob here and there. Does not having shops on the doorstep make you appreciate full-on shopping time more?

    Sandy > Hi there. I’ve got two spare disks for that very reason. BTW – did you say party? 🙂

    Rachel > Thanks for the hippy birdie. Mid 30s ahoy 🙂 Well high wastelines may not suit everyone, but it does mean your hip pads don’t stick out the top. 🙂 It’s just finding a decent length. Bah humbug! 🙂

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