“It’s astounding, time is fleeting,
Madness takes its toll”

Howdy partners,

Good week? I hope so.

It’s been another frantic week. Still, everyone’s alive and we’re all in good nick. I had a little windfall the other day. A vendor (no names) sent me some vouchers after I’d completed a couple of their on-line questionnaires. A couple of quids worth of vouchers to spend on the high street can’t be bad. Something for Mrs Jones and something for me. Good stuff.

Apologies to those of you who like their Jones Diary in small chunks because I’m back to the Friday night braindump. Sheesh. Time: family, work and hobbies. Discuss. 🙂

A moment of clarity?

The other day I was out of town – again on business (shucks) – and I was wandering from another faceless city car park to the meeting. I had one of those ‘moments’. I slowed my pace and just stood taking the whole scene in. It’s been a while, but the bird within (no, I hadn’t eaten a sparrow) surfaced and I was struck by the compulsion to come back for a day of girlie shopping. Girlie? Lady? Well, shopping to be more accurate, but you get my drift. I think the push at work means I want more ‘Lynn time’ if that makes any sense at all. Still, inner goddess (/irony) in check, I headed off for Death by Powerpoint.

On the way back I stopped for a quick look around. While I was there I spotted that Debenhams had in Clinique’s concealer for men. What’s this? Make-up for men? Pssft. Men in make-up. It’s not right you know. 🙂 Intrigued, I went and tried some. Now truth be told, I did need some new concealer as my old one is running low. I tried both, the lady’s and the men’s version and if I’m honest, the men’s one wasn’t half bad. Strangely, it was considerably cheaper and the coverage was pretty good. Okay, so it’s not YSL, but I was impressed. The lady behind the counter was also very helpful. Whoever’s training these folk in Debenhams is doing a damned fine job with us TG customers.

Warp factor 9

Over at Jessica’s blog, Jessica was saying how tired she seems to be these days. I don’t know about you guys, but frequently I’m not physically tired, just mentally spent. What is it with the modern lifestyle? Why do we seem to be rushing from one activity to the next? Is it technology that’s done this or have we done it to ourselves?

Just after the ice retreated, people started using typewriters. Any mistakes on those beauties and you had to repeat it or reach for the correction fluid. If you wanted copies, well, yup: another re-type if you forgot the carbon paper. At some point, some bright spark invented the photocopier and a bit later, the word processor and printers. So, if we can churn out X number of documents in faborama DTP-tastic format in such a short amount of time, how come we don’t get more time off? I mean you don’t even have to wait for the post do you (mind you, it is on strike); e-mail sends things in a jiffy.

I wonder how much more accelerated we’ll become. I’ve read that people have been working on drugs (no, not like that) that’ll let you carry on with very little sleep. Crikey. I wonder what that’ll do to society. Best not dwell on that one. Work. It’s the British disease. 🙂

Take care

[ Oh yes. One more thing – as Columbo would say – today’s lyric is (of course) from The Timewarp. ]


  1. Policy seems to be that as work gets faster/easier, managers want more of it done. With less staff. Faster.

    And remember that the reward for working hard and beating your targets is *more work*

  2. Jaded?

    C’est vrai 🙂

    …. and where does it all end? It – work that is – seems to go into the giant /dev/null void in the sky. “This one’s really urgent..” they say, but really, it often isn’t. You resolve the issue in ten minutes and then it just sits there unused. Strange.

    My only problem with working flat out (other than coming home with brain-mush) is switching off this panic state and just enjoying life.

    We’re in the mouth of madness!! 🙂

    * apologies for the geek joke.

  3. You’ve listed many of the reasons why I’ve accepted the non security/uncertainty of being self employed for most of my life. I get to decide what’s meaningful or important for myself (mostly). If someone “has to have it” immediately, I can (and do) charge an extra fee for taking on their stress. LOL It’s a bit like a rest button for most clients.
    The only buffer you have against the panic state is your priorities and reminding youreself the job your doing is to meet your own priorities. Not much help when someone keeps messaging you to ask if it is done yet.

  4. Tsk. Make up for men. They’ll be wearing skirts next!

    I noticed in duty free that Clinique have a mens Eau de Toilette fragrance out as well. Do they know something we don’t?

  5. The whole make up for men thing…mmm…seems to me like it’s speaking to an entirely different instinct? I don’t want to buy make up for men, for reasons entirely different from most men’s I suspect! (That said, did buy a JP Gautier lipstick for men once…not much fun though, could hardly see the colour!)

    Bit wary that it’s not as good either. Bought a men’s Clinique exfoliator once and my wife made me take it back and get the woman’s one because it was better (in a rare and confusing truce at home). Bloke stuff does seem to be cheaper though.

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