Good times

Brain says ‘no’

Do any of you out there in radio, TV and blog land get this? You hit the ‘create post’ button, fingers hover over the keyboard and then…. zip. What you’d previously thought up as an oh-so witty start-up turns out to be, well, just b*ll*cks frankly. Thank the Lord for the delete key eh?

Links Schminks

Those of you with eagle eye action (note: this is not kinky TV slang) may have noticed a few changes to the Links section. I’ve added a few other blogs/homepages thingies and there’s also a link to Browsar. It’s a handy little program that runs a custom version of IE. This keeps all it’s footprints well hidden from the OS and makes sure you don’t have ‘pretty courts +size +8’ in your history file. Please note, I’m not saying that you should ditch your browser du-jour in favour of this, but, sometimes it’s handy to have another gadget to fall back on.


Nothing new in TG land this month, although I’m hoping to go out next week sometime. Not sure when. What brough some of it home is that we changed the car at the weekend. Funny how you attach memories to inanimate objects isn’t it. Anyhoo, that was the car I’d been out in the most. Kinda makes me wonder what the future holds….

Good times

Apart from replacing the car, we’ve also come back off holiday. A very nice few days soaking up the sun and messing around in the very large heated swimming pool (tropical paradise + water chutes = fab). The WeeMan was loving every minute of it. Work – who needs it? Well, other than to pay for holidays that is.

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