The weekend, at last

Coo. What a week! Busybusybusy. I’m glad that one’s over. How’ve you all been?


Have you been watching any of those lifestyle programmes on the telly recently? You Are What You Eat or Spendaholics?

A while ago the Beeb used to run a programme called Your Money or Your Life – which I rather enjoyed to be honest. Anyhoo, initally the presenter would show a person their debt using one pound coins for each ten quid of debt. All rather simple. However, I think the media luvvies must of got bored of that – or moreover, thought we the simple viewing public would – and switched to more and more bizare representations of debt.

So how is this wasteful? Well, You Are What You Eat lines up a week’s worth of food on a table while El Presentde berates the hapless soul. Unless I missed it, has anyone said, “Yeah, my diet is sh** but what about all this f***ing food you’re wasting!”

Hell, if I was sort of a pie or two, I’d be following Mz McKeith from house to house hoping she’s leave week’s worth of food literally lying around.

Spendaholics isn’t quite in the same vein, but the odd ones I’ve caught do go in for the most bizare representations of money. One of the oddest was filling a guy’s sitting room with tiny polystyrene balls – snow, apparantly – with each one being a penny that he owed to Mr Credit Card.

What next? A series of lyrca clad dancers twirling away from HSBC and rubbing themselves against shop windows while the presenters castigate this week’s target from a car park roof perhaps? Actually, writing this type of stuff down just isn’t safe. They’ll probably do it.


Bit of a telly theme this week eh? Shucks. Well, nothing to do with the late Mr Whitely, it’s (hopefull) going out time next week. I think it must be something to do with the darkening evenings, I’m almost looking foward to it. 🙂


This video from YouTube made be laugh. Are TV producers raiding Fictionmania? 🙂

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