Not in the mood

Food Guilt

Do you get this? You’re trying to watch your weight – well, in so much as you’re trying to cut down rather than watch is go up that is – yet realistically you’ve got to eat. Not eating makes the old metabolism go ‘Cripes! No food – absorb all calories!!’ and makes you ratty.

So, I’m sat tucking into a small piece of birthday cake – see below – and my inner Gillian McKeith is saying ‘noooo!’ It’s a feckin’ birthday, you can’t not eat just a bit of cake. Yet, once you’ve eaten it, that’s it (unless you’re bulemic, but let’s not go there). Possibly then I should adhere to the advice about dieting of christmas – don’t do it. Cutting down during the feastive period – or in this case, special occasions – just makes you miserable.

So in an effort to avoid future food guilt attacks, I’ve taken to walking as much as I can rather than sitting around at work eating all the pies. So far, so good.

No more Jo?

Do any of you follow the links off this page? If you do you’ll notice one going off to Jo’s blog: InnerGirl. Luckily for her she has an inner girl rather than an inner Gillian McKeith. Still, at least I can make a granola porridge at 3am. 🙂

Well, Jo’s blog is no more. She’s decided to cut back on the blogging and spend more time with her family. Yeah, I appreciate that sounds a bit like a Tory MP bowing out, but seriously I feel a little sad that she’s called it a day. Yes, I appreciate that your family (and marriage) are very important. However, it is also important to take care of your needs too. You see, reading Psychology magazine isn’t always good for you [wink] – or in my case, Armchair Psychologist – but if you don’t take care of your wants and desires – who will?

I’m not going to deride Jo’s decision for withdrawing the blog, that is her decision and I’m sure she had very good reasons to do so. What I am worried about is the thought of someone like her trying to put the lid on the whole thing and going back to being Mr Vanilla (no, not the Ice Cream man who drives around on Sunday). Denial puts you under huge pressure and put anything under enough pressure and it will eventually explode.

I’m hopeful someone will prove that theory with the Chuckle Brothers but I’ve had no takers yet. BTW, if you’re a lawyer for the Chuckle Brothers that gag was meant ironically. No, really.

Dressing up?

I don’t know about the rest of you in TV land, but somehow the mood to put all the gear on has (again) vanished somewhat. I know trans season isn’t due to start until the nights begin to draw in, but surely we’re not just autumn & winter creatures? Possibly trans folk have some link to vampires: only seen after dark, secretive, pale skin, bright lips, dodgy fashion sense (always seen in evening wear). Nah…

Gender Roles

Today we all went off to a kid’s party. The usual thing happened, the women ended up in the kitchen while the menfolk stood about and drank. Where was I? Playing with the kids in the garden of course. Kids are fun and they really make me laugh with there honestly – sometimes 90lbs of blunt honesty. It’s not everyday that you can exercise your imagination by drawing ‘wheels’ on two cardboard boxes and have toddler racing.

On the way home H. recounted how some of the wives where pissed off that their husbands wouldn’t play with the kids like I did. (woo! ego moment! kerching!). Does being trans mean you have less fear of non-macho rolls like childcare? If it does, it would be a pay off for having a husband who loves frocks, so maybe that goes to prove the old line about clouds and silver linings.


The Matalan catalog dropped through the other day and after leafing through it, I decided to drop by. Sadly, a lot of the stock advertised just wasn’t out yet – why do they do that? Anyone know? What was out, or rather I should say, what had been out had now gone. Those round toed courts I had my eyes on had sold out in black.

Honestly, it’s like being Cinderella’s ugly sister when it comes to shoes. The ones you want never bloody fit! [Sigh] Those of us who are not a size 6 will forever be thwarted in our quest to get cute round toed shoes to fit. Maybe I should be trying Tall & Small instead.

The Daily Blah

This morning I stopped to fill the car up with petrol (obviously, not literally) and popping in to pay, I caught the headline from the Daily Panic. ‘Romanians to swamp Britain!’ screamed the front page. Swamp Britain? What, as in make it all boggy, fill it with gators and rednecks? Shurely shome mishtake. Still, it’s nice to see the UK doing its bit for race relations. W*nkers.

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