Q. What does every t-girl do when they’re feeling a bit miffed?

A. Go shopping of course!

So, rather than fight my gender conditioning (what does that mean? I have no idea!), I sloped off early from work and did a quick tour around Matalan and Next Clearance. Both stores had a big sale on, and you know what, there was nothing that caught my eye. Sometimes the sales are like that, you go in hoping to catch a bargain, but often it’s merely the collection of dodgy clothes they couldn’t sell earlier in the year at full price. In some stores, it seems they can’t shift them at a fraction of the price either. I went in hoping to pick up a denim skirt, but neither shop had any. I guess I must be between seasons…

This lack lustre affair doesn’t compare well to the shopping trip H and I had last week. H. wanted some new summer clothes and a wedding outfit. No, not a bridal gown – don’t get excited. 🙂 We had a good trounce around the shops and did get some bargains. Debenhams were having a shoe sale and neither of us could get our feet in the size 8 round-toes stillies. FFS. I do like the look out round toed high heels, but unless I can get a 9 (where I can try them on) I think it may not be meant to be.

I’ve also put a little weight back on – certainly in the lower tummy area – not that I mind overly. I guess I can blame the fantastic desserts that H. and I have been enjoying. I just hope my girl clothes still fit when I come to get them out of the wardrobe. That reminds me, one thing I did spot on my travels was M&S rather impressive shapewear. I had my eye out for some after I watched How to Look Good Naked. Not that I plan to go naked, but given a choice between shapewear and pudding, or being 14 and hungry – I’m willing to try the corset route. Men, don’t we just love a quick fix? 🙂

Given the combination of not going out (too hot, too busy), a poor en drab shopping experience, I’m wondering when I can next get out to the shops in tgirl mode. I think I’ll have to save the pennies and wait for a cooler day before I venture forth again.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Know the feeling about the sales. Good for you for not actually buying anything – too often I’ve come how with a top or skirt or something and it’s lain unworn in the wardrobe forever after the initial sheen of the great price has worn off, and I realise it goes with absolutely nothing…

    Look out for all the autumn/winter stuff starting to come in soon 🙂

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