The Eyes Have It

Okay, Lizz, you did ask and I’m (foolishly) going to share what H. told me the other night about eye make-up. Well here goes – but I cannot be held accountable for the effects.

By the way, any fashionistas reading this? Stop reading now! 🙂

Are we ready? It’s time for Listen and Learn With Lynn. Stop that sniggering at the back!


  • A good light source.
  • A mirror (preferably not hand held).
  • Three shades of eye shadow (3 browns?)
  • A small brush – probably about the size of your little finger.
  • A smaller brush (!!) – hopefully angled slightly.
  • Dark eye pencil – soft tipped is easier.
  • Mascara
  • Plenty of make-up removal tissues / cleanser to remove and restart as necessary.

1. Starting off

Make sure you’ve got good light and you can see your face without any heavy shadow. While you don’t need 100 Watts of halogen light, doing your face in poor light is difficult to pull off. But hey, don’t listen to me, I’m just a simple crossdresser! 🙂

Apply your foundation / concealer as you would normally. Tidy your eyebrows up if you need to, either tweezer them or use some clear mascara to tame them a bit.

2. First layer

Take the brush and apply the base colour – which is the lightest colour – all over your eyelid and up to your eyebrow itself. When picking up the powder from the compact, give the brush a little tap to prevent it getting overloaded.

You might want to start from around the socket and blend upwards. Then, pick up some more and blend downwards. Try to avoid overpowering your eye by piling on the colour. Also, you’re not painting a wall, so you don’t need a harsh line that stops bang on your eyebrows. If you need to blend things in, just use the brush unloaded to move the colour around.

[ Wow, it almost reads like I know what I’m doing here doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled though 😀 ]

3. Second layer

Okay, now take the next darkest colour and using the same brush, apply to just your eyelid. You want to start from the outside corner of the eye and move towards your nose. You will need to pick up some more powder to cover your eyelid. BTW, stay on just the lid with the top of the colour being the crease of your eye socket.

If you need to blend things it a bit, use the brush without any colour on again.

4. Third layer

Still reading and not blind yet? Okay…. Now take the darkest colour from the compact. Starting from the outside of your eye, put a small amount of powder in a diagonal line / right angle triangle and blend inwards towards your nose.

What do I mean by that? Well, imagine if your eye is a clock with the centre being your pupil. The outside corner of your eye is between 9 and 10. You want to colour this segment (starting from the outside) and blend carefully inwards. You don’t need to cover the eye lid, so stay in this area and blend in a circular motion. You want the shadow to be soft, not harsh.

If the line looks too harsh, don’t be afraid to blend inwards / outwards. If it still looks too harsh, start again. 😉

5. Eyeliner

Put your brushes down for now. Get your eye pencil and go all across your lash line on your top lid. Now, some magazines say to pull your eye lid gentle to keep a straight line. Others say not to. Personally, I like to start from near my nose and work outwards. H. – on the other hand – starts from the outside and works in. Experiment and find what works for you.

Do you lower lid too, but don’t go all the way from outside to your nose. I like to go from my outside to 2/3rds of the lower lid. So, I’m stopping just about a finger’s breadth before my tear duct.

If you want to blend things up a little, use a cotton-bud (or even your finger).

6. Smokey Bit

Get your small eye make-up brush and get a little of the darkest colour on it. Now closing your eye, go close to your lash line from outer to inner (temple to nose). Blend carefully.

Load the brush up – not too much! – and repeat for your lower lash line. Don’t be afraid to blend here with strokes left and right. Sometimes this can rescue a bodged eyelining.

7. Mascara

Clean off your brushes and break out the mascara wand. Remember, kids, don’t pump the wand as you’ll push air into the container and the make-up will dry out. Pull your best silly “O” face and apply carefully.

Other sources of help

Well, there you go. I did say I’d share and you use the advice under your own risk of looking like Coco the Clown. Last time I checked, Loriel had some great make-up videos.

I think the main think with make-up is that there are no hard and fast rules. Just keep on practicing and find a look that you are happy with.

By the way, if you’ve got any tips of your own, I’d love to know!


  1. This is good stuff Lynn – eyes are by far the hardest thing to do I think and it is always slightly hit or miss with me.

    Just run me by Stage 4 again – the outside of the eye area, meaning the bit on the other side of the eye socket from the nose? Not the triangly bit by your nose (depends which way round that clock face is – looking at your face, or out through your eyes…?) Aaarrgh am confusing myself now!

    Oh yeah – Liquid eyeliner. What a nightmare!

  2. Well done Lynn, thanks for the pointers.

    On stage 4 it might have helped, if you’d mentioned which eye you where thinking of with the clock face analogy!

    And as for where you start when doing eye liner, we are indeed all different as I start in the middle! lol

  3. Wow!

    Thank you so very much Lynn… I am… yup… just printed it ut and added to the stack. Ok I exagerate. But good tips. Thank you for posting them. I truly appreciate it!

    I have SO much to learn!


  4. Hi girls,

    Thanks for the feedback (and the nice words). Always appreciated.

    I was going to edit the original post, but I thought that might make things a little confusing. So, the amendments are on the next entry.

    Jo, the outer part of your eye is the bit on the outside of your face. This bit closest to your ear. 🙂

    So eyeliners. Hard, soft or liquid? Spill the beans girls! 😀

  5. Thanks for the advice and help here Lynn. I look forward to practising the technique.


    p.s liquid eyeliner- no way.

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