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Widow Twanky has trained you well, but now, I am the master.

Last Friday P. and I went out for a meal at a posh local resturant. If it’s the midlands, posh means they put down fresh straw. But, hey, it was good enough for the Messiah, it’s good enough for us. 🙂 It was a great night out. The company was excellent (her, not me!) and it was interesting to see what the other diners were up to.

One of the high points for me was P. and I had a conversation about make-up and how you do it. Truth be told, it wasn’t initiated by me and I learned (learnt?) a lot. I now realise I’ve been doing my eye-shadow wrong since day one and what a difference a set of brushes makes! H. said it was interesting to be able to talk about such topics with me as it’s not something she’d do with her female friends. P’s female friends are not girlie-girls (not that I am) so she doesn’t talk about that type of stuff to them.


On Monday I decided to try out the sample foundations I got from Boots. Sadly, none of the colours I had were suitable. I guess I must be looking for Goth White. 🙂 I tried the Intelligent series freebie and while it was a little too dark, it felt fabulous. It went on smoothly and made my skin feel silky smooth.

When I get chance, I’ll pop in and try some other colours. It’s either that or wait for the make-over offer at the next Chams meeting. Apparantly someone from Virgin Vie will be “in the house”. Should be interesting!

Perhaps there’s truth in the old chestnut of “men are the new women.” 🙂

Leicester Calling

Saturday night rolls around again and I’ve got my evening pass to go. Woo hoo! Now, what to wear? 😀


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