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It’s been rather heated on Roses’ forum recently. It seems history is repeating in the TS vs TV debate. Not so much Celebrity Deathmatch, moreover a discussion over the differences between a transvestite* and a transexual.

In fairness to all parties, I don’t think the whole thing was a troll, but passions run deep on forums. From one perspective, crossdressing folk are, well, shallow creatures that prance about Emily Howard style in 6″ killer heels and bad lippy. From the other perspective, TS folk are holier-than-thou people who have a legitimate medical problem; they’re not pervs in a frock.

In truth, none of these stereotypes are true. I think that we’re all on a sliding scale from the occasional cross dresser to those wanting to live completely as a women (with no… ummm.. dangly bits). To the outside world TS and TV folk are pretty much the same. But if you are TS/TV you know the differences. I like to think of it that we share a common path, but are destinations are different.

What I do wish would happen is that we could just move on. 🙂 I feel that fighting outselves does nothing to help. Help what? Well, if tempers get hot, people will say things they wouldn’t normally say. You can then end up with a whispering campaign in the clubs, support groups and on-line. Really, we need to stick together. There are enough normal people out there with harsh words, we don’t need it from each other.

Oooo… That was a bit right on wasn’t it. 🙂

I had another evening to myself this week and enjoyed every minute of it. Again, no snaps, as although I did get to dress up, I didn’t have time to put my warpaint on. Instead, I was being dead rock & roll and putting the washing in and tidying. Of course, being a bloke (frock or not) the washing was a bit slap dash.

Actually, I’m wondering if all crossdressing folk could cut a deal with their wife/GF. Tell them to out out for the afternoon, you get to dress up and you’ll do the housework as penance. It’s a win-win situation.

In other news, I finally got around to posting my introduction to Roses – I’ve only been on their 18 months. I bit late I guess, but better than never.

Have a good weekend anyway.

* Yup, I’m doing my bit to GoogleBomb Transformation. I’d rather see a non-commerical resource get top ranking than a firm. Vested interest, anyone?

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