All systems go

The Christmas fun and games are just about over. We’ve just about managed to cram the paper and boxes into the recyling bin. I woke up this morning to the industrial groaning of the bin lorry. I wonder if bin men get danger money for Christmas? 🙂

P. went out with her friend K. yesterday evening. I’d completely forgottern about it – and, bless her – she says laughing, “I’ll be back after 9.30 at the earliest – so have fun” and she gave the trunk in the spare room a kick. “Just make sure you get your eyeliner off this time!” That was a very welcome Xmas surprise and one I took complete advantage of! Unusally for me, I didn’t take any snaps. There must be something wrong with me – perhaps my trans batteries are running low.

There’s been a few items on forums (Roses & UK Angels) that have piqued my interest. One was about motorbikes and it tied in photos and going out dressed. I wonder just how much of being TG is “peacock” behaviour. It’s one thing to dress up and enjoy the process of becoming all pretty, but it’s another thing entirely to go out and be spotted (or “read” to use the lingo). Being TG is interesting in that by turns its a very private affair that folk keep locked away. Ironically, you’ll then find trans folk posting pictures, making web sites and going out (dressed up). Go figure. Perhaps it’s not enough to be pretty for yourself… maybe we TG folk crave the attention and acceptance of others. There’s a thought for today.

How does this tie in with motorbikes? Well, bikes are another look-at-me item. Not everyone rides a motorbike or a scooter – most folk are tucked up in their cars…. whereas those on two wheels stand out. Hmmm… I wonder how many hard core bikers I’ve just managed to offend there. 🙂 But, let’s be honest lads, next time your mate takes his gloves off, do check to see how well manicured his fingernails are.

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