The night I got to thinking* how many labels folk attach to themselves. My sister is religious with a capital R (you note I missed that off. Bu***r.) and my mate considers himself a biker. I wonder if they have a secret blog somewhere where they revell in their bikeriness or praise the virtues that faith can bring.

Most trans blogs / web pages are pretty much sigular in their function….

[ aside: Well, maybe not completely singular: we do talk about dressing up, clothes *and* make-up. Jeez, it’s not like we’re obsessivly focused on one aspect of our personality or suchlike. 🙂 ]

… in showing pictures to the world. How many go on to discuss the other parts of their lives? I know I’m guilty of it. I have split my interests in that matter. I’ve got my TG interests (this place) and another web site on completely different topics to this. In fact, I think the other one doesn’t have a me-me-me section at all. Honestly, I couldn’t think of what to put on it that would be relevant to the other site! Ah well. I guess I can let me ego run unfetted here in peace. 🙂

So what’s this got to do with labels? I guess it comes down to what people are willing to share on-line and also face to face. How much to people put in oneupmanship and keeping up with the Joneses?

In conversations, people are happy to say “I’m a parent” or “I’m a car nut”. I wonder how much we self censor and miss out the “I’m really in telesales” or “I’m a recovering alcoholic”. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a recovering alky…. but telesales. Shame on you. 🙂

* thinking that maybe I shouldn’t use a line from Claminity Jane, but never mind.


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