Somehow today just didn’t get started properly. On the plus side I did manage a bit of dressing up while I did some housework. The hoovering and the washing gets sorted, and I get an hour en femme. Seems like a fair trade.

Talking of luck, sometimes fortune shines on you doesn’t it. P. will be out on a girls day & night out later this month. As the saying goes, “while the cat’s away…” So, time to take your time putting your face on and trying on a few outfits.

With regards to the leg waxing dilema: I chickened out. To wax or not to wax? In the end I opted for family peace as I think it would freak P. out – and that’s just not on really.

I don’t know about the rest of you people in blogland and but I find my urge to crossdress increases with my stress levels. I’d like to hope that I’m a fairly calm and unstressed person, but the recent holidays and changes on the work front have brought this type of thing to the fore.

But enough navel gazing for a little while… they’ll be nothing to write next week. 🙂

So on to: Fashion. I must say that I’m a little perplexed by it sometimes. Take this season for example. Various sections of the media are telling us (girls and t-girls – not fellas ) that it’s round or chiselled shaped shoes/boots and a wide heel. Really?

Not that I’m one to doubt the fashionistas – I am but a part time girlie with a shoe obsession. However, I find wry amusment in the difference between what’s were *supposed* to be wearing and what is actually worn by the woman in the street. Okay, so in some towns that’s baseball cap visor and a tracky – but my point remains. 🙂

Most women I’ve seen this last week (while xmas shopping) are skirts and pointey boots or bootlegs and stilettos. Possibily not every woman wants what’s fashionable and goes for what they like… Or perhaps like blokes, they buy a good pair of shoes/boots and stick with them for a stint.

Oddly enough, my old knee boots (2002?) in the cupboard are square heeled with a rounded snubbed front. They’d probably be alright for this season.

Then there’s there was this whole “it’s all going to be black suits” vibe going on. I look around and this month most mags seem to have gone for the russian look – whatever that is!

Being a bloke is so much easier. 🙂 You get paid more and 99.99% of the time being in clean clothes and not smelling is all you need to do. Remind me why I cross dress? 🙂

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