Coffee and toast and I’m back from the dead.

Yeh gads it’s cold in dear old Blighty. I’ve got my leggings (transtastic!) on under my jeans. Jeans are too cold to wear this time of year otherwise 🙂

Talking of jeans, how did folk managed to pull off the idea that skinny jeans are this season’s must have? I must say I’m quite confused. For *years* – and maybe that’s why – I’ve read/been told that bootleg cut trousers are more flatting for women. So… what’s being flogged like no tommorrow? Drainpipe jeans that you have to pour yourself into. What’s the line: “If you’re old enough to have worn them the first time around, you’re too old to can’t wear them again” 🙂

Weather-wise I’ve been spoilt recently as I’ve come back from a work do abroad in Spain. Maybe my views aren’t accurate because I stayed in a posh-ish hotel near the sea. 🙂 On the way to one of the meetings I passed a shopping centre. I was amused to see a Zara and H&M amongst the range of shops. It’s funny, but I was expecting fashion to be more localised for some reason, but do the high-street chains really dictate what we like? After all, getting something that’s not in fashion is hell’s delight. Female fashion makes me smile because men’s fashion moves glacially compared to the cat-like attention span of the media+ high-street.

On another note entirely, I had some time on my own last weekend – all night in fact – so I had a good old fashioned dressing up session. I got a few pictures taken (now on Roses) like all good t-girls do. I’m still struggling with eyeliner though. How do women do it? 🙂

Sadly a local TG meeting was off (wrong Saturday) so I missed the chance for some socialising. I don’t get out much (really? – Ed) – hence this blog – so I jump at the chance to get glammed up and pop around for a chin-wag  Looking on the bright side I did get all evening to try on as many outfits as I could.

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