Down time

Not much girly stuff happening this week. I tried out some new make-up but as every rechargeable battery in the house was flat, taking a snap was a little tricky. 🙂

I was hoping to half and half picture of my face. One side made up, one not. Sure, it’s a cliche, but why fight it? I already own high heels and a skirt of questionable length 🙂

P. (wife) bought some new make-up this week. She’d been deliberating for a while and needed a helpful push to part with the cash. Did I have an agenda? Truthfully? No, it’s been *ages* since P. had any new stuff as she considers it a really luxury item. So, thanks to QVC some powder, pre-base and an anti-redness powder arrived. Of course, we couldn’t find our old QVC card, so I had to log on for it. I wonder if QVC send a lot of make-up out to addresses with men’s names? 🙂

There’s a FlickR project to get pictures of the trans community together for an art expo. Some of the photos are just excellent. The lighting and subjects just right.

I’ve got a cold too and don’t colds just make you want to crash out in bed with hot tea and a big blanket? This is proof that I’m not a women in a man’s body. 🙂 If I was a woman I’d just get on with life. Being a man, I’m had to stop myself from whinging about flu. 😀

There’s a new wig shop in town. I’ve had a peak at their website and a visit is a must.

[ * Yup, I do need to get my head around posting HTML. I’ll need to upgrade my browser to do so. Something for the weekend I feel. ]

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