Hands. Space. Farce.


I’ve had just over a week off, having taken some leave with the Ever Lovely Mrs J prior to last weekend. The first two days were very good: a friend’s wedding with good company, and no dysphoria either. Then, we found out Mrs J had COVID19.

Ah, bugger.

Still, we had a good run of not catching it and said virus wasn’t from the wedding, but from Wee Man, bless him. I think Mrs J was the first to succumb to the viral payload’s charms, and never one to be left out, I followed about a day later. The good news, is we’ve not passed it about at the wedding. I have, however, breathed on the door handles for all the known tax dodgers in the local area 😉

person holding thermometer

It’s been a while since I’ve been off work ill. At least, in my memory, in terms of off for any length of time. It’s been a weird week. The heavy fog of brain confusion and body temperature of far too hot, then suddenly shivering, with cold. To keep things funky, there’s also the inordinate amount of daytime sleeping going on as well.

My folks – who we’ve not seen in possibly eighteen months except by video calls – had had COVID the month previous. The infection seems to be following their experiences, so I should be grateful that they had the good grace to put their retirement on hold, get infected, and act as control subjects, so their offspring can make informed choices. 😉

Despite being considerably out of it physically and mentally, I am glad of the chance to recover. I guess I’m lucky in that my job and role as a parent mean I don’t have to work while ill. Yes, there’s still housework and dog walking, but nothing that requires significant concentration. Both kids are mostly able to look after themselves, although Child 2.0 is also off sick as we are.

My focus is just shot at the mo. I’ve got enough brain power to wander around, drive Wee Man to the shop, but cooking anything complex or high level thinking is well out of the window.

If I can’t think, but I’m okay wandering from A to B, yet with little clue when I arrive, I may be quids in for a job in the revolving door of British politics. 😋 There’s not much to add in terms of satire: A) the reality is far crazier than even my over-the-counter flu relief rattled brain can suggest, and B) it’s moving at such a speed, scrolling the news feels like In The Thick of It played at x8.

Snarkiness aside, I am hoping that whoever replaces Johnson, is honest, less extremist, and stops this nonsense of human rights as a political football. If the talk about healing the nation is to be true, starting by treating people with respect and protecting them is a good start, IMO. I think the nonsense will take a while to ebb from the scene, but if not…. Well, perhaps this fiasco will be this administration’s last hurrah.

L x

PS: A note of sincere thanks to those of you who got in touch after last week. Not just the comments, but emails and other methods. Many of you were kind enough to share what you do to try and help, as well as where you find help. Thank you. 🏳️‍🌈❤️


  1. Oh, Lynn, I’m sorry to hear you’ve all got the Covids. Hope you and yours all recover soon without any long-term effects.

    I’d best not say too much about what I think of Johnson since this is a family-friendly blog (and Johnson’s only interest in families is to start several of his own). But his legacy is highly toxic and he won’t go quietly as Brown, Cameron and May thankfully did. But I doubt any successor will see value in a culture war against trans people, so that might reduce the transphobia a bit. Let’s hope so.

    Hugs (socially-distanced, of course)
    Sue x

    1. We’re coming to the end of the infection, I think, Sue. My test yesterday produced a line thicker than Thicky McThinkFace, but today’s was much more subtle. Wee Man has been clear a few days, as has the Every Lovely Mrs J. Child 2.0 is still working through it, I guess.

      There’s some folk who fancy their chances as PM. Some are a bit more pragmatic/equality focused…. and then there’s some nasty pieces of work mixed in. Unfortunately, the UK population won’t be voting on this, again.

  2. May your Covid experience merely be irritating and strange. Also, may it be over so that you can attend Chams next week!

    I’m glad others have been in touch after last week’s post – I shall repeat here – you do a great deal. Remember that the Great Wars were not won or lost on the battlefields but in the Home Front.

    As to the Thick of It reruns on the news at the moment, I hope this is a finale of sorts and not the build to the actual finale.

    Wishing you all the best for a swift and full recovery!

    1. “…irritating and strange…”

      Check… and… check for both of those. Luckily, no fever dreams. Although the news has been a bit crackers of late 😉

      Thank you for the kind words and well wishes. Fingers crossed the virus is on the proverbial back foot.

      As to home front, maybe it’s about ‘little victories’ – as Norman Stanley Fletcher advised 😉 But legacy pop culture aside, perhaps there’s some truth in that joke. That lots of small steps, by lots of people, help drive positive change. We can but hope 🏳️‍🌈

  3. British politics has always been crazy, the way someone can be Minister for Ag and Fish one day and then appointed to Arts and Culture Secretary the next at the drop of a by-election. Nobody (sane) would run a business like that so that the head of Engineering was randomly moved to Financial Auditor at a day#s notice. (Or does that actually happen?)
    Best wishes too all for a speedy recovery from Covid whatever it is now. (I’ve lost track of the variants.) We got the cold/flu like symptoms when it hit, but not the hot/cold flushes.
    Yes, let’s please get back to a Parliament that believes everybody should have the same rights and level of privacy and protection regardless of how they identify and that open season is now finally closed.

    1. I think there are some ‘career managers’ out there and, IMO, the better ones work with the knowledge members of the team/department to improve things. Those improvements might be reducing waste in a system, empowering folk to get the job done, reducing control & command committee nonsense, etc. IMO, it’s this approach that improves things.

      Conversely, there’s the helicopter types who buzz in and, mais oui, buzz out, but aren’t around when you need them. There’s also seagulls: they land, squawk a lot, sh** on things, and fly off. 😉

      I’ve read that ministers depend on civil servants to inform them and make things work. However, if we think that model is similar to an engineering challenge, where there’s an idea, but not necessarily a known route, that’s where not listening to your experts is very dangerous. I’ve seen a few IT firms come into difficulty when they over promise. I wonder if the same can be said of politics? Let’s hope for less fake conflict and actually making positive changes to the system.

      PS: Thanks for the well wishes.

  4. Belated sympathies on your covid, I hope you are on the mend – and will be OK to get to Chams on thursday ? !!!

    I didn’t reply on your previous one either, because I’m rubbish – but I really don’t think I would be anywhere near as ‘out’ as I am now without the existence of the group, so a big thankyou from me for all the hard work you do.


    1. Thanks Izzy. I’m on the mend – at least testing negative. However, I’m really exhausted by it. I am hoping this is a short term thing.

      Yes, hoping to make Chams this week. Probably not in Lynn mode, but attending all the same.

      One of the previous organisers said to me: “Chams is a place where people find what they need, and stay as long as they need to.”.

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